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turn the world upside down

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turn the world upside down
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Tue Aug 01 11:15:52 CST 2023
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Secret World Seeds map
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turn the world upside down - modsgamer.com

This Terraria Secret world seeds Mod is an inversion of the top-down gameplay, where players start the game in hell and work their way up.

Seed properties:


1. When the game starts, the player will be generated in hell.

Ash trees now generate in the underworld along with ash grass. In the middle 1/6 or so, the only enemies that will spawn are the Lava Slimes (which no longer drip lava now) and Mimics, which only drop pickups on the ground.

2. The usual hell lava and enemies will respawn after leaving the central area.

3. Jars of Hell may contain ropes and fallen stars.

Glowing Mushroom Biome

Just above the Nether layer, is the Glowing Mushroom biome, which contains Stone Blocks and early ores. Surface enemies such as Demon Eyes and Zombies also spawn here.


1. This layer is above the glowing mushroom biome and simulates the surface layer in the normal world. There are plants and things that would be found in the surface world, such as trees, mushrooms, and water, and generate weather events. It contains most surface biomes, including desert and snow biomes, and their corresponding traits and enemies, such as oasis locations.

2. Part of this layer, including the snow biome, has the potential to be the location of the ocean, where seagulls spawn, have ocean music, and fishermen also spawn in the water.

underground and caves

Above the false surface layer, in that order, are the underground and cavern layers. It also contains several biomes, such as the Underground Jungle, Underground Desert, and Ice biome.

real surface

1. The surface is completely covered by an evil biome with a very high enemy spawn rate. Corrupted snow biomes and desert biomes also generate in the usual places.

2. There is no sun and no moon here. The gravity here is very weak, as if the player is under the effect of a Featherfall Potion, and again, will not take damage from falling.

3. If the player flies high enough, it can fly completely out of the top of the screen and die.

4. The Jungle Temple is located on the surface and is painted red in a Crimson world and purple in a Corrupted world. The dungeon was also painted the same color.

5. The sky island will be themed with the evil biome in the world. The buildings are built with blood blocks or diseased blocks, but still contain the usual pickups.

6. The tree of life still exists, but without leaves.


1. Lava now deals 200 contact damage to players, on fire! Debuff duration increased to 10.5 seconds.

2. Enemies will no longer receive direct contact damage from lava, they are on fire! The duration of the debuff has also been reduced to 3 seconds.


Duke Fishron drops the Aqua Scepter instead of the Bubble Gun.


1. Slimes may contain fallen stars;

2. Lava slime drops gel and slime staff;

3. The cave bat drops the winning cannon instead of the chain knife;

4. The clown drops the chain knife instead of the winning gun;

5. The red devil drops the flower of fire instead of the evil trident;

6. Treasure box monsters (before hard mode) drop regeneration bracelets, magic mirrors, cloud bottles, Hermes boots, chain hammers, and shoe spikes;

7. Treasure box monsters (difficult mode) drop spark magic wands instead of magic throwing knives;

8. Ice Monster (before Hard Mode) drops Ice Boomerang, Ice Blade, Skates, Ice Bow, Blizzard Bottle, and Storm Boots;

9. Ice Monster (Hard Mode) drops Snowball Cannon instead of Ice Bow;

10. Armored skeletons drop samurai swords instead of key swords.


1. Ash armor provides only 1 point of defense per set piece (total of 3 points)

2. The set bonus for Ash armor only reduces lava damage by 27.5% (i.e. from 200 to 145), not 50%.


1. Canceled the NPC happiness system, the price correction factor will be fixed at 100%, and the "Happy" button in the dialogue window has been removed;

2. Dryads sell magic throwing knives instead of spark magic wands;

3. Traveling Merchant sells Key Sword instead of Katana.


1. Magic Knife damage reduced from 35 to 14

Use time increased from 8 to 15

Mana cost reduced from 6 to 5

Value reduced from 5 gold to 10 silver;

2. The key sword damage is reduced from 105 to 15

Value reduced from 20 to 10 gold;

3. Ash bow damage reduced from 10 to 6

Use time increased from 25 to 29;

4. Ash hammer damage reduced from 9 to 4

Hammer force reduced from 45% to 35%;

5. Ash wood sword damage reduced from 13 to 8

Use time increased from 17 to 23;

6. The damage of the winning gun is reduced from 40 to 18

Use time reduced from 28 to 25.

Knockback reduced from 6.5 to 5;

7. The bubble gun can be generated in the locked gold box in the dungeon, replacing the sea blue scepter

Damage reduced from 70 to 5

Value reduced from 5 gold to 1 gold 75 silver;

8. Ice bow damage reduced from 39 to 8

Use time increased from 14 to 17

Value reduced from 5 to 2 gold;

9. The evil trident can be generated in the shadow box of hell, replacing the flower of fire

Damage reduced from 88 to 42

Mana cost reduced from 19 to 9

Value reduced from 10 gold to 2 gold 50 silver;

10. Fire flower damage increased from 48 to 85

Use time reduced from 16 to 12

Value increased from 2 gold 50 silver to 10 gold;

11. The damage of the Sea Blue Scepter is increased from 27 to 90

Use time reduced from 8 to 5

Value increased from 1 gold 75 silver to 5 gold;

12. Snowball Cannon damage increased from 10 to 22

Use time reduced from 19 to 6

Value increased from 2 to 5 gold;

13. Chain knife damage increased from 12 to 60

Use time reduced from 20 to 15

Value increased from 25 silver to 50 silver for 3 gold;

14. Katana damage increased from 18 to 150

Use time reduced from 20 to 15

Critical chance increased from 15% to 29%

Value increased from 10 to 20 gold;

15. Spark Wand damage increased from 14 to 40

Use time reduced from 26 to 10

Mana cost increased from 2 to 6

Projectile speed increased from 7 to 12

Value increased from 20 silver to 5 gold;

16. Frost Wand damage increased from 15 to 42

Use time reduced from 26 to 10

Mana cost increased from 2 to 6

Projectile speed increased from 7 to 12

Value increased from 15 silver to 5 gold and 5 silver.

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