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ten year anniversary

date date Wed Jul 26 10:33:46 CST 2023"
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ten year anniversary
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Tue Aug 01 11:13:58 CST 2023
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Secret World Seeds map
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ten year anniversary - modsgamer.com

This Terraria Secret world seeds Mod is specially made to celebrate Terraria's 10th Anniversary

World Features:

1. The spawn point will be located at the far left or right of the world, which means that the spawn point that usually occurs in the middle third of the world will be changed to be in the left and right sixth quarters of the world. (Meaning that goblin scouts and Martian rovers will spawn in the center of the world instead of the sides.)

2. A wizard named Andrew, a steampunk named Whitney, a princess named Yorai, and a party girl and an Angolan town bunny also spawn together and start a party right away.

3. Most of the world has been painted: the dungeon is dark pink; the clouds on the tree of life, pyramids, and floating islands are pink; the tiles of the jungle temple are purple, and the walls are teal; all sand blocks, grass, and ground Objects are blue-green.

4. There are more trees of life than "drunken world".

5. Items in chests always have the "best" modifier. Accessory will have one of the following +4 attribute modifiers: Lucky, Sinister, Swift, Blessed.

Weapons will have the modifier that boosts the most stats based on their damage type. Possible modifiers are: Melee Weapons: Legendary, Godly, or Ruthless.

Ranged Weapons: Unreal, Demonic or Merciless.

Magical and Summoning Weapons: Mythical, Demonic or Merciless. Note that the generation is not affected by "modifier restrictions". For example, it is possible to obtain a flail with the legendary modifier, which is impossible to obtain in the normal world.

6. Half of the tiles and walls of the underground hut are replaced by rainbow bricks, and the other half are painted with diagonal rainbow pattern paint.

7. Gem trees are more common, similar to Drunken World.

8. All floating islands have sacred grass and a sacred fountain.

9. The desert will not generate the usual entrance, but a pyramid instead.

10. The treasure chest in the pyramid will always contain an additional set of pharaoh suits in addition to the usual items.

11. Caverns in subterranean deserts are smaller.

12. Two unique enemies can spawn in this seed:

Jungle Mimics can spawn in Hardmode Jungles.

Gold slimes spawn relatively rarely.

13. Most faeries are pink faeries.

14. Hearts and stars can always spawn in their seasonal variants.

15. All Fallen Star projectiles (including those fired by the Star Cannon, but not the Super Star Cannon) are pink.

16. Increased the chance of a blood moon each night from 1/9 (11.11%) to 1/6 (16.67%).

17. The drop chance of the Rod of Chaos has been increased from 1/500 (0.2%) to 1/100 (1%).

18. Fireflies and butterflies are more common.

19. All treasure bags have a chance to open developer items, and the chance is doubled.

20. Doubled the appearance rate of nights with more fallen stars.

21. More clouds are generated in the background, and more of them have special shapes.

22. Steampunkers and princesses can always spawn.

23. All non-evil biome trees are landscape trees.

24. Most Bosses (including Celestial Pillars and Boss minions, but excluding Blood Leeches, Servants of Cthulhu, King Slime, Queen Slime, Plantera, Golem, Betsy, Moon Worship Cultists and Moon Lords) are smaller than normal.

25. Traveling Merchant always sells 2 extra items than normal.

26. The princess will sell rare items:

Slime Staff

red heart lantern

party bottle

Sandstorm Bottle (when in the desert)

Terra Spellblade (Hardmode, during a Blood Moon)

Pirate Staff (Hardmode, after defeating the Pirate Invasion, during the following moon phases: Full Moon and Waxing Gibbous Moon)

Discount Card (in Hardmode, after defeating the Pirate Invasion, during the following moon phases: last quarter and waning moons)

Lucky Coins (Hardmode, after defeating the Pirate Invasion, during the following moon phases: New Moon and Crescent Moon)

Coin Gun (Hardmode, after defeating the Pirate Invasion, during the following moon phases: First Quarter and Waxing Gibbous)

28. The wizard hat will provide an additional minion slot.

29. The world icon for the Celebrationmk10 world is a pink cherry tree with a bow.

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