Not the bees!

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Not the bees!
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Secret World Seeds map
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Not the bees! -

This Terraria Secret world seeds Mod is a world dominated by bee-themed biomes and bee-related items and structures.

World Features:

1. Most of the world has been replaced with jungle, and honeycomb blocks and honey blocks appear in large numbers.

2. The description when generating the world has always been "spawning bees".

3. The initial NPC is a merchant rather than a guide. Merchants will still sell furnaces in the jungle.

4. Larvae appear in large numbers and may appear anywhere.

5. The dungeon is painted orange, and the jungle temple is painted green.

6. Water boxes and trees can be generated in honey, and Fallen Log can be generated on any landmark block.

7. The vast majority of water is replaced by honey, with the exception of floating islands, dungeons, or cave layers below ocean biomes.

8. All forest trees, living wood, leaf blocks and vines are replaced by their jungle counterparts, with the exception of floating islands.

9. All sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst and diamond ores are replaced with crunchy honey blocks.

10. All slush blocks are replaced by honey blocks.

11. All soil blocks are replaced by mud blocks, except for floating islands.

12. In the cave, all the grass above the magma layer is replaced by jungle grass, and the grass below the magma layer is replaced by mushroom grass. Any mud blocks that are later exposed will also grow corresponding grass.

13. All stone blocks, granite blocks, marble blocks, ice and snow blocks, and snow blocks above the lava layer are replaced by honeycomb blocks, and those below the lava layer are replaced by crunchy honey blocks.

14. Ebonsand, Ebonsandstone, Hardened Ebonsand, Purple Ice, Crimsand, Crimsandstone, Hardened Crimsand, and Red Ice are similar.

15. Sand blocks in ocean biomes are replaced by honey blocks. Similarly, hardened sand and sandstone blocks in ocean biomes are replaced by hive blocks.

16. All jungle grass and mud blocks that would generate within 40 tiles of Ebonstone or Crimstone will be converted to Corrupt Grass or Crimson Grass and Dirt Blocks.

17. In the cave layer above the magma layer below the ocean biome, newly placed mud blocks will be converted into snow blocks or ice blocks. The upper half will be converted to the former, and the lower half will be converted to the latter.

18. All copper, tin, iron, and lead ores in about the lower half of the world are replaced by clods.

19. Oasis and Glowing Moss mini-biomes will not generate.

20. The 4 microscopic biomes of campsites, gem caves, moss cavities and thin ice grounds will not be generated.

21. Explosive traps, lava traps, dart traps (except in dungeons and jungle temples), boulder traps, fountains, and dead man's treasure chests will not be generated.

22. Shell Pile and moss will not be generated.

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