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Zenith World Map (Has all Secret World Seeds traits)

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Zenith World Map (Has all Secret World Seeds traits)
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Secret World Seeds map
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Zenith World(Has all Secret World Seeds traits) - modsgamer.com

This Terraria Secret world seeds Mod is a map containing all the secret world seed features

Traits inherited from other seeds:

drunk world

1. This seed contains two evil biomes.

2. The party girl is one of the first NPCs that spawn.

3. Items unique to this seed, such as Moon Lord Legs and Red Potion, can be generated in treasure chests.

4. The dungeon will be generated under a tree of life.

5. Jungle and snow biomes generate on the same side of the world.

6. Two ores of the same level can be generated.

7. Living mahogany trees can be generated anywhere underground, not just in jungles.

Celebration mk10

1. Princess and Steampunker are two of the original NPCs, and they continue to use the names Yorai and Whitney respectively.

2. The Glowing Mushroom biome will be painted in rainbow colors.

3. A party will start at world creation.

4. Hearts and stars can always spawn in their seasonal variants.

5. The underground hut will be painted in rainbow colors.

6. The Pyramid Chest contains the Pharaoh suit and one of the Sandstorm Bottle or Flying Carpet.

7. Jungle monsters and golden slimes can be spawned.

8. Confetti burst out when the player dies.

9. Shimmer pools will spawn near the ether biome.

For the worthy

1. Trees and pots may drop lit bombs.

2. Bosses and enemies have the same difficulty as in the For the worthy seed.

3. The size of the enemy will fluctuate.

4. Pools may be replaced with lava.

5. Digging ash blocks sometimes causes adjacent ash blocks to collapse (affected by gravity), similar to silt. This behavior is very similar to that of breaking dungeon tiles.

6. Tombstones dropped by players will cause damage.

7. Boulders will split into 2-4 mini boulders when broken, dealing 75% base damage.

8. Black Recluse and Jungle Spider silk saliva projectiles randomly place webs within a 13×13 rectangle when they disappear.

9. The player cannot see the wires until the Skeletron is defeated.

8. Crunchy honey blocks will burn when touched and release lava when mined.

10. All floating islands are corrupt/crimson, and all skyboxes are replaced with locked gold chests. They need to be unlocked with a golden key.

11. This seed will increase the difficulty of the world by one level. The classic world is regarded as the expert world, the expert is regarded as the master, and the master is regarded as a "legend". This also allows higher difficulty loot to drop (like treasure bags can drop in the classic Get fixed boi world).

Not the bees

1. Larvae and hives are generated all over the world. The hive is larger.

2. Most of the tiles in the underground layer are replaced with tiles related to bees, the upper half is replaced by honeycombs, and the lower half is replaced by crunchy honey blocks.

3. Like Not the bees seeds, the honeycomb layer does not affect the jungle, and the crunchy honey block layer changes to the glowing mushroom biome in the jungle.

4. All water in underground formations is replaced by honey.

Eternal Realm

1. The hunger degree mechanism in the seeds of the eternal realm has been transplanted.

2. Staying in the dark for too long will cause the player to take damage.

3. The crumpled caverns found in The Constant can generate (but less frequently than in The Constant Seed).

Don't dig up

1. Players will spawn in hell.

2. Changes to hell remain unchanged in this seed (including less lava, more ash trees, etc.)

3. The order of world levels remains unchanged in this seed.

4. The Tax Collector is one of the first NPCs that spawn.

5. The acquisition order and strength of some items have been changed (for example, the position and strength of the bubble gun and the sea blue scepter have been exchanged in the process).

6. The surface has lower gravity, if the player leaves the top of the map, he will die.

7. The fallen star does not disappear during the day. Natural meteorites do not drop falling stars when hit, and can damage the player.

8. Bosses at night can be generated at any time of the day and will not disappear due to time changes.

9. If King Slime has not been defeated, there is a 1/200 (0.5%) chance that a slime will spawn it when killed.

No Traps Seed

1. Some life crystals are replaced by life crystal boulders.

2. The number of generated organs has increased significantly.

3. The boulder trap variant can be generated instead of the boulder trap, and the gas trap will be generated in the treasure chest.

4. Most of the treasure chests are organ treasure chests, including those in underground huts and pyramids.

5. TNT barrels can be generated, especially in jungle temples.

other changes

1. Diva Slime is one of the first NPCs to spawn.

2. Initially generated NPCs have the following names:

The tax collector is always named Andrew, which was originally a name for a wizard.

Steampunkers are always named Whitney.

The party girl is always named Amanda.

The princess is always named Yorai.

Diva slimes are always named Slimestar.

3. Crunchy honey blocks will spawn everywhere in the Glowing Mushroom biome layer above the Underworld.

4. The real "surface" contains two evil biomes, 1/6 on both sides of the world is converted to a different evil biome.

5. When the party that started at world creation ends, all NPCs (except the old man, traveling merchant, and skeleton merchant) will be killed. Additionally, the unlock status of Party Girls, Princesses, Steampunkers, and Diva Slimes has been reset. (It means that the reset NPC will only be generated if it meets the conditions.)

6. The Tree of Life, Jungle Temple, and Pyramids are painted red or purple.

7. Dungeon enemies do not drop any pickups until Skeletron is defeated.

8. Dungeon enemies killed before Skeletron is defeated will not increase the kill counter or the kill count of the Monster Book, or even unlock their Monster Book entries (except for Dungeon Guardians).

9. When the world is generated, alien space music will be played.


1. Added a new boss, Mechdusa. It requires the use of Ocram's Razor Summoning, an item obtained by synthesizing the summoning items of the three mechanical bosses. This Boss replaces the Mechanical Boss in the process;

The maximum health of The Twins, all parts of Skeletron, and Probes from The Destroyer has been reduced by 20%;

Probes from Destroyer have better mobility.

2. After each Phantom Death Ray attack of the Moon Lord, the Moon Lord will erupt 30 Moon Boulders from the eyes of its head.

Terraria Eight Easter Egg Seed Collection (Moon Boulder)

These boulders behave like bouncy boulders, bouncing off solid blocks, and persist for relatively long periods of time. However, its speed is much faster than that of bouncy boulders.

3. During world generation, the cursor is replaced with a smiling moon, which can be moved by the player. A large number of meteorites will appear in the background, and they will collide with the moon. Each time it is hit, it will make a "meow" sound and the hidden score will increase by 1. As points are earned, the colors get brighter and the screen mask effect like in The Constant gets stronger.

This score increases the amount of certain objects and structures that will generate in the world. Each score increases the amount by 0.1%, capped at 20% (or 200 hits). This includes:

life crystal


Treasure chest outside the underground hut

jewel cave


Organs and TNT Barrels

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