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trap world Map
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Secret World Seeds map
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trap world -

This Terraria Secret world seeds Map greatly increases the number and types of traps in the world, including dart traps, boulders, hot fountains, and more. 

Map Features:


1. There are not many traps added here, mainly the randomly generated dart traps.

2. Sky islands are generated with traps, including dart traps or explosives, or both.

underground and caves

1. Almost every open area will have some kind of mechanism. This includes normal dart traps, boulders, dead man's chests, and explosion traps. This also covers special authorities, including:

2. Bouncy boulders replace normal boulders in boulder traps. They bounce wildly after being released, similar to bouncy grenades and other bouncy player weapons.

3. The giant life crystal has the same appearance as the life crystal, but the effect is the same as that of a boulder after being excavated, causing damage to the player. After cessation of motion, they transform into mined life crystals.

4. In the ice biome, they have the potential to replace all life crystals.

5. Occasionally spawn TNT barrels.

6. When the underground hut is generated, there are usually traps (dynamite or dart traps) inside.

the dungeons

Boulders and bouncy boulders can now generate in dungeons, and explosives can also be attached to pressure plates.

jungle temple

TNT barrels are very common in jungle temples.

other changes

Tombstones also take on the nature of monoliths in this seed.

Venom Dart Traps may generate naturally within this see

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