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Drunk world Map
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Secret World Seeds map
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Drunk world - modsgamer.com

This Terraria Secret world seeds Mod generates two evil biomes, one on each side of the world.

World Features:

1. Both evil biomes will generate, one on each side of the world. Both Corrupt and Crimson biome chests will appear in the Dungeon.

2. During a Blood Moon or Eclipse event, Dryads and Steampunkers will randomly sell either Corruption or Crimson items, not both.

3. When the world enters hardmode, only one evil biome will be selected and create one side of the "V" belt to fight the holy.

4. Two ores of each level will be generated in the world. (Including Roshan, smashing six altars will produce all new six ores.)

5. Party Girl replaced Wizard as the initial NPC when entering the game for the first time.

6. Once you enter this world, you will unlock the "Music" option in the Party Girl NPC dialog box, which is used to switch the game's background music between the default and Terraria: Otherworld's corresponding soundtrack. Once unlocked, this option will apply to all characters and all worlds. In multiplayer games, only players with the "Music" option turned on will hear the background music change.

7. Living trees generate more frequently on the surface, close to each other and entangled in the underground part.

8. Living mahogany can be generated anywhere underground.

9. Moon Lord Legs and Red Potion can be found and obtained in treasure chests.

10. Marble Cave and Granite Cave swapped each other's structures.

11. Jungle and snow biomes are on the same side (normally jungle and snow biomes are generated on the opposite side of the dungeon relative to the center point)

12. The dungeon is generated under a "dead" tree of life and is spray painted red, yellow, blue or purple.

13. The surface building part is completely removed, and the old man is placed in a pre-generated house underground, which makes it more difficult to defeat Skeletron.

14. There is Chippy's sofa in the dungeon.

15. Jungle temples are painted green and larger than normal.

16. The hive becomes larger and has multiple larvae in it.

17. The layout of hell is upside down, with a lava lake in the middle and ruined buildings on both sides.

18. Empty islands are either snowy or desert biomes, and a fountain will be placed.

19. The oceans on both sides have a very high probability of generating underwater caves.

20. The background picture shows the ecology of fluorescent mushrooms.

21. The moon is like a glowing smiley face, and the cloud is like Redigit's head.

22. The description and hints in the generated world become random numbers, and will change every Tick (except when "placing traps").

23. The progress bar for world generation flashes between Corruption and Crimson.

24. The world icon in the world selection menu shows a tree infected with both Corruption and Crimson.

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