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Red Dead Redemption 2 in Melon Sandbox Playground

date date Wed Jun 28 18:03:41 CST 2023
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Melon Sandbox Playground recently released a new video. A brand new Melon Sandbox Playground mod was revealed in the video: Red Dead Redemption 2 playground. In the mod, a new map is added, which looks like a wild west, you can see the mountains and cactus in the background.

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And four Red Dead Redemption 2 characters: Arthur, Edgar, Dude and John, are added to Living. Cowboy hat added to Outfit. The mod also add revolvers and Sawed-off to Firearms. In addition, the cactus was added to Other. The Mod is well made, includes quite rich content, and the newly added characters have quite high levels of restoration. Now, you can recreate a Red Dead Redemption 2 gun fight in the Melon Sandbox Playground.

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