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Update for Melon Sandbox Playground 17.0 Vacuum Cleaner

date date Wed Jun 28 16:41:09 CST 2023
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Melon Sandbox Playground has recently released a new video about the new items that will be updated next. the main character of this update is the vacuum cleaner, which was received the first Vote in the "Vote for the next item". In the video we can clearly see the look of vacuum cleane,and what can we use with it.

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In the video, the Video producer first used a melon to create some juice on the ground, and then used a vacuum cleaner to easily suck up the juice without leaving any trace. Although the video ends here, it is clear that this is definitely not all the function for the vacuum cleaner, and the video producer also revealed below video that this is not what vacuum cleaner only for.

Here we might venture a guess that the vacuum cleaner could be used as a lethal weapon. In the video it's just used to clear the ground, but if you use it against melon? Or can it not only suck, but also blow? Maybe we'll have a nefarious new toy in the Melon sandbox playground soon!

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