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SkibidiToilet 44 But in Melon Sandbox Playground

date date Mon Jul 10 14:38:13 CST 2023
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SkibidiToilet is a short film series that has recently become very popular on the web. Because of its amazing imagination and powerful scene performance, it has gained a large number of fans. Recently, a player used Melon Sandbox Playground and its mods create a Melon Sandbox Playground version of SkibidiToilet Episode 44.

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In the video, we can see that the makers have basically restored the plot of the original video. Both the SkibidiToilets being ambushed at beginning and the battle between SkibidiToilet and TV man in the later of the video are fit perfectly. Of course, as the Melon Sandbox Playground is a 2D game, some of the angles have had to be tweaked, but overall it's pretty good.

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