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Melon Sandbox Playground 17.0 has leaked? What will be added?

date date Fri Jul 07 12:18:49 CST 2023
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Corn, one of the main makers of Melon Sandbox Playground, has recently released a new video in which it reveals a possible 17.0 update. In the video, first of all, he mentions the call out about addition of new characters in the community. And mentioned a contest about that. So it's very likely that we'll see new characters created by players join the game through voting in the new version.

Next, Corn mentioned that the Vehicle model editor will be added to the game. From the video we can see that in the editor we can edit the texture, colliders and properties of the vehicle. This would be a pretty significant change, but we're also curious to see if the editor will include all vehicles or just jeeps?

Finally, he mentioned the vacuum cleaner that had won the vote and was confirmed to be added to the game in 17.0. In the video, there is a new clip about vacuum cleaners. We can see that the vacuum cleaner is more delicate than the previous video and can suck objects, confirming some of our suspicions.

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