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Destruction in Melon Sandbox Playground 17.0 - CONCEPT

date date Fri Jul 07 10:18:51 CST 2023
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In the current Melon Sandbox Playground, the physical interaction between objects is actually incomplete. You can use one object to smash another object, which will destroy the object. But if you just let an object hit another object in free fall, you won't have the same destructive effect at all. This concept will change that.

Many people in the comments section of the video seem to have misunderstood the meaning of the video. In the current version, many objects can indeed be destroyed, but in an active way. This means that you need the player's actions to cause damage, and you can drag an object, you can hit it, you can cause damage. But a fall by gravity can't do any damage. In the new concept, the fall caused by gravity will be just as damaging as the player's actions.

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