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Animal In Melon Sandbox Playground 17.0 - CONCEPT

date date Fri Jul 14 12:09:07 CST 2023
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In scientific experiments, scientists often use various animals to carry out experiments. In Melon Sandbox Playground, we're also doing some sort of experiments, but our subjects are not animals, they're Melon( Absolutely NOT human, LOL). From a scientific point of view, this is not reasonable! We should put animals to the experiments! (if the Humane Society doesn't notice). This concept does this glorious job.

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From the video, we can see that three new animals have been added to the game: chicken, penguin and snake. Unfortunately, for now, these animals are more like objects than living things, they can't be damaged like melons, and they don't even have joints (except for snakes). The addition of real animals to the Melon Sandbox Playground would make the game even more interesting.

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