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GTA SA Antonov LQ Airliner Mod

date date Wed Sep 13 10:14:52 CST 2023
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The Antonov An-225 Mriya, lit. 'dream' or 'inspiration'; NATO reporting name: Cossack) was a strategic airlift cargo aircraft designed and produced by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. The only completed An-225 was destroyed in the Battle of Antonov Airport during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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With a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes (705 short tons), the An-225 held several records, including heaviest aircraft ever built and largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. It was commonly used to transport objects once thought impossible to move by air, such as 130-ton generators, wind turbine blades, and diesel locomotives. The Mriya routinely attracted a high degree of public interest, attaining a global following due to its size and its uniqueness.

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For now, you may only see the giant bird in the game again. The Mod has brought this legendary aircraft back to life, with high quality models and flight capabilities, while supporting most of the features in the game.

GTA SA Antonov LQ Airliner Mod Download

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