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Minecraft PE Lord Of the Rings Mod

date date Tue Sep 12 10:15:54 CST 2023
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Minecraft PE Lord Of The Rings Mod is a massive project that aims to bring the world of Middle Earth directly to your Minecraft world. The mod containing many individual factions. Each faction will include new mobs, armors, foods, weapons, blocks, and biomes.

Welcome to Mordor

In this mod you will travel across the middle earth until you arrive Mordor! Mordor is now a new "Dimension", accessible by using a Ring of Malice. Within Mordor, you will find a variety of structures full of new enemies and loot! If you are feeling up to the challenge, travel to the center of Mordor, and conquer the Dark Lord Sauron, by fighting your way through the tower of Barad Dur!

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In the evil Mordor, danger exists everywhere and you will encounter a large number of hostile orc patrol parties. In the hidden Gothmog, although there are few ORCs here, in the dark caves, there is a greater danger hiding...

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To conquer such a dangerous place, you will not be able to do it alone, you will need an army.

You are now be able to join faction and become a commander of your faction , and you must rank up to create your own command post, and recruit followers!

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After selecting a faction, you will see a commander ranking, along with a new leveling system, in the top left corner of their screen. This indicates your commander ranking. As you progress through your world, taking actions such as slaying wild beasts, or killing entities of an opposing faction, you will gain commander experience levels. Your ranking will also update to indicate how powerful of a leader you are...

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On reaching level 12, you will be granted a command sphere. This sphere signifies you have enough command points to recruit entities within your faction. Do NOT lose this sphere...

In order to start recruiting, you first need to create your factions war table. This can be crafted at any crafting bench, with your commander sphere, an iron block, and a crafting table. You will then be able to craft things like recruitment tables, command posts, and faction equipment.

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In order to start recruiting, you must first create a command post within your base. This command post will give display information including your current population and your command post statistics. You may only place one of these at a time.

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Once you have created a command post, youll notice a population counter within your command post. This counter controls how many entities and how much of each you may have recruited at a time. This number will increase as you level up as a commander. When obtaining a recruitment egg, if the necessary conditions are met, you will have spawned a recruited entity.

Hire a new recruit needs money and cost population. Stronger recruits will cost more money and population, so you will have to strategize the best combination of recruits with your population limit. Trying to spawn a recruit when a condition has failed causes an error message saying why, along with returning the egg back to your inventory.


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