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Minecraft PE Radium's Armament Mod

date date Mon Sep 04 11:03:44 CST 2023
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Radium's Armament is a gory voxel-styled 3D gun addon with custom zombies and blocks! Perfect for a zombie apocalypse-themed world!

This Mod is 100% suitable for survival mode. It contained 15 guns, detonators and grenades. Each weapon has several custom animations for ADS'ing, shooting, reloading (most have two), inspecting, and sprinting. Some of the weapons include Blowback mechanic.

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In addition to various weapons, the Mod has also modified the zombies, now they are more realistic, including blood and dismemberment effects! The mod also added other types of Zombies, including Zombie Crawler, PET Zombies, and TNT Zombies.

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Mods have excellent visual effects, including Insane amount of animations and visual effects (water impacts, explosions, blood, muzzle flashes etc.)

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Warning! This Mod contains A LOT of blood & dismembering. If you do not want a gruesome experience, turn off the zombie spawning in the BP settings!


Pistol: Desert Eagle, Golden Desert Eagle, P250

Submachine gun: MP5, P90,

Assault rifle: AK47, Golden AK47, M4A1

Shotgun: Citori 725, Remington 870

Sniper rifle: AWM

Explosive: M79 Grenade-Launcher, Grenade

Special weapon: Mini-gun, RA-MX115(Super-weapon), Thunder Gun

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ADS = Sneaking

Shoot = Use item (eat food button)

Reload = Attack (when ammo is low enough and you have magazines)

Inspect = Attack (when ammo is full, empty, or you have no extra magazines)

Each weapon requires a specific magazine to reload (excluding the shotguns)

Magazines can be anywhere in inventory (DO NOT place it in your off-hand)

Each weapon can be acquired by trading with the ARMORER VILLAGER. Or in LOOT CHESTS (Mob spawner chests, villager chests, and mineshafts).

To play this mod

Settings: Paperdoll off, FOV to "70-80", FOV can be altered by gameplay, view bobbing on, camera-shake on. Turn on Experiment: Holiday Creator Features, Beta APIs If you are playing on a low-end device, and are experiencing lag in your survival gameplay, toggle the Radium Zombie spawns to only be at NIGHT or OFF in the BP settings! This will improve performance! If you want the bullets to break blocks, like glass, and explosions to make holes/break blocks, turn on MOB GRIEFING in your game settings.

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