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Minecraft PE Skibidi Toilet 60 Mod

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Skibidi Toilet 60 is a Mod based on Da Faq's Skibidi Toilet series. The series follows is about the Skibidi Toilets taking over the world and men with cameras for heads known fighting against them.

The biggest feature of the mod is that it includes a large number of characters from the Skibidi Toilet series, while having vivid movements and expressions.

In this Addon Skibidi Toilet 60 you get

Titan Cameraman

The Titan Cameraman is a colossal mechanical cyborg engineered by The Alliance, inherited predominantly from both the Cameramen and the Speakermen, to combat the Skibidi Toilets at a significant level. As the series progresses, the Titan would subsequently receive additional vital upgrades.

The Titan Cameraman has been depicted as retaining consequential physical strength, allowing feats such as effortlessly stomping on the Large Camouflage Skibidi Toilet, kicking a Large Skibidi Toilet towards a building, and using one hand to both grab and crush a Strider Skibidi Toilet.

The Titan Cameraman incorporates extensive physical combat skills, deriving from the advantage of being a Titan. Additionally, the utilization of his powerful reactor/core lens allows the emission of a potent flashbang or heat blast that effectively fries Skibidi Toilets. The Titan Cameraman also boasts the ability to fire an explosive energy orb from his finger, as demonstrated during his time in the Hidden Laboratory, more specifically shown in Episode 23.

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G-Man Skibidi Toilet

The G-Man Skibidi Toilet is the largest among the Skibidi Toilets and the main antagonist of the Skibidi Toilet YouTube shorts series. His name comes from the fact his character's head uses G-Man (Specifically the model from HL2), he is most known for his strength and signature lasers.

In several episodes, G-Toilet has been shown to be very smart regarding fighting and combat, capable of devising smart plans that fool the Titans, one example is when he fought Cinemaman, he was capable of fooling the titan by using himself as bait and letting another Skibidi Toilet and the Titan Speakerman to severely damage the Titan TV Man and force him to retreat.

In Episode 38, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet has received several upgrades. All of its upgrades are similar to the attributes possessed by the Giant Camouflage Skibidi Toilet, who was fought by the Titan Speakerman before its unfortunate infection. The main part of the body, the toilet, is now matte black, with two supermassive rocket boosters on either side, as well as two extra laser cannons. This means that the G-Man Skibidi Toilet can fire twice the lasers while flying. G-Toilet 2.0 has destroyed the Parasite Disabler Laser Tank (PDLR), which presumably had the power to cure the Titan Speakerman.

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Strider Camera

The Strider Camera is a strider variant of the Cameraman, alongside the Camera Rover and Camera Toilet. Functioning as a basic support gun platform, the strider is proficient at providing suppression and area denial capabilities, while also demonstrating effectiveness in shooting down airborne Skibidi Toilets. However, the Strider Camera seems to have become obsolete after its last appearance in Episode 32.

The Strider Camera is equipped with an automatic cannon of unknown type mounted beneath its body, the Strider Camera fires blue explosive ammunition at a rapid rate. Despite its high fire rate, its accuracy is middling at best and tends to suffer from significant deviation, especially at long ranges. Most notably, in Episode 13, it is seen shooting at airborne Toilets, raising speculations about its effectiveness in destroying Skibidi Toilets. It remains uncertain whether the Strider Camera can only suppress and stun them or if it possesses the capability to fully destroy them. Nevertheless, due its frequent employment, it is presumed to be effective against lower classes of Skibidi Toilets.

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Police Skibidi Toilet

Police Skibidi Toilets are functionally very similar to Normal Skibidi Toilets in terms of combat and strength. However, they have been shown to have a different role then them. Unlike the Normal Skibidi Toilets who fight at the frontlines and serve as the basic infantry force of Skibidi Toilets, they work internally inside the toilet society. However, since darker toilets are affiliated with stronger Skibidi Toilets, it is quite possible that these toilets are stronger than Normal Skibidi Toilets

Police Skibidi Toilets were first introduced in Episode 9. In that episode, it also highlighted the role of these toilets very clearly. These Skibidi Toilets, like their name suggests, are the police force of the Skibidi Toilets. They are meant to work inside the Skibidi Society, and make sure it is stable and no coups or revolutions against the G-Toilet occur.

However, they sometimes broke these rules. In a few episodes, they were also seen fighting on the frontlines alongside Normal and Giant Skibidi Toilets to name a few. However, this was the only seen Medium Police Skibidi Toilet, so it was probably sent to the frontlines since it is much stronger than the smaller variants of it.

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Surveillance Camerawoman

Surveillance Camerawoman is a female version of the Black Cameraman and Camera/Hardware Head, making her debut in Skibidi Toilet 52. She possesses abilities that surpass those of the standard Cameramen, making her one of the most capable members of The Alliance.

Black Camerawoman could have some form of super speed. During all of her appearances thus far she had simply shown up and walked into frame without any indication of arrival unlike TV Men and TV Woman's teleportation via black mist. Particularly in Episode 53, she can be seen with one leg on a defeated Skibidi Toilet before POV Cameraman pans up for a split moment, and when he pans back down, she's nowhere to be seen, while the Skibidi Toilet she was standing on is still there. During her debut in Episode 52, she was not seen exiting the Cameramen Helicopter via ramp as seen with the Medic Cameramen.

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Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet

The Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet is a malformed variant of the Strider Skibidi Toilet. It first appeared in Episode 47, where it was seen slowly walking in the background towards the Titan TV Man to attack him.

It might be possible that the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet is a type of pseudo-titan for the Skibidi Toilets, dwarfing the Titan Cameraman in size, yet its method of attack proved futile which led to its immediate death. This probably suggests that the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet is more based around being an intimidation factor instead of being a practical solution against the Alliance's titans.

As shown in Episode 47, the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet travels at a moderately slow pace despite its large size and considerably lengthy mechanical legs. Furthermore, the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet had four mechanical arms jutting out from the back of its water tank alongside having blades fixed to the end of each arm, presumably used for stabbing larger targets.

Though more of an assumption, it is possible that the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet is capable of using its mechanical legs to crush smaller opponents like the larger class variants of the Alliance.

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TV Woman

TV Woman is a female variant of the TV Men and makes her first appearance in Episode 49. She is known for containing a diverse amount of abilities, making her one of the strongest members of The Alliance. Due to her inability to speak verbally like the others, she communicates using digital images projected on her face's TV Screen. In the Skibidi Toilet universe, TV Woman, along with Camerawomen, Black Camerawoman and Black Speakerwoman is among the only female characters.

The TV Woman is known for occupying many capabilities, making her stand out among the Hardware Heads. One of her formidable powers involves infernal photons, enabling her to set Skibidi Toilets ablaze. An example of this usage was demonstrated when she emitted an orange light, igniting the Buzzsaw Spider Skibidi Toilet during Episode 49.

The TV Woman can also detach her head, which has a built-in miniature jetpack, allowing it to fly through the air, akin to the Helicopter Parasitic Skibidi Toilet. Once airborne, the head can attach to any Skibidi Toilet, essentially possessing and controlling it, sharing similar parasitic properties of the Parasitic Toilets. This was exemplified at 0:38 of Episode 49 when she implanted her head on the Flying Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet, compelling it to self-destruct.

Another attribute of TV Woman is her use of light. Unlike regular TV Men who emit dark purple light to stun enemies, she emits a light violet light that serves multiple purposes. This light can either control the minds of individuals, or attract others to her, as shown in Episode 49, when she pulled the POV-Cameraman towards her.

Regardless, the TV Woman shares the common teleportation ability with other TV Men. By making physical contact, she can teleport herself and her allies.

In Episode 57, she used two large blades to kill the Large Parasitic Skibidi Toilet. This means that the TV Man are upgrading, though the upgrades for the TV Woman are different, she has 2 blades instead of 1.

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And there are more in mod waiting your explore!

Minecraft PE Skibidi Toilet 60 Mod Download

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