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Minecraft PE Mechs and Jetpacks Mod

date date Mon Jul 17 10:47:15 CST 2023
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The Mechs and Jetpacks mod is a fun mod, This mod adds flying mechs, flying transports, three types of mining mechs, defensive (or attacking) mechs, two types of jetpacks, a clean-up-snow mech. There's even a minigun tank to help you keep annoying monsters away.

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Mini Tank

As with other items in this mod, you can buy mini Tanks from your local Armorer. You can use lodestone to tame mini tanks and they will follow you and attack the monsters around you (except for endermen, you know what happens if they attack endermen with ranged weapons, right?).

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Snow Vac

Have you ever had this experience? You spawn on a field of snow and you want to build something, but first you have to clear those annoying snow. Even more annoying is that the snow can reappear, even after you've already cleared it once. Because this Snow Vac was created! You can buy it at Armorer. Place them and they will move around on their own and turn the snow around them into snowballs. If you don't want them anymore, destroy them and they will back to you in the form of spawn eggs.

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Flying Mech

You might ask, why do we need Flying Mech when we already have jetpacks? The reason is simple. It protects you, it is super tough. And the Mech also has night vision and diving capabilities, and the speed in the water is the same as the speed of flight!

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Magna The Mighty (Destroyer Robot)

Do you think the Mini tank is too "mini"? You think you need a stronger bodyguard? Then try The Magna The Mighty! This Bad ass robot has three sizes and three skins, is equipped with laser eyes, and attacks monsters it encounters. If you want it to follow you, you need to tame it with lodestone. After you have tamed it, you can let it sit like a normal pet.

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Heavy Miner

Tired of digging slowly with pickaxes? Want to use more technology and modern means? Then try Heavy Miner! It's a four-wheeled vehicle with four seats and a giant drill! To make this big thing work, you need netherite bar. Note that it disappears directly once destroyed and does not turn into a spawn egg, if you need to Transport it long distances then you will need a Heavy Transport.

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Heavy Transport

This Star Wars-style craft has a pretty good speed, and you can even seat your friends in the back loading bay. Best of all, you can transport your Heavy Miner with it, you just need to fly it into the Heavy Miner and they will load themselves. If you want to unload, just sit in the Heavy Miner and tap Jump.

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Jetpack 2.0

Who can say no to a Jetpack? Now the brand new Jetpack 2.0 is on the shelves, with more speed and, of course, a more expensive price. What other features? You really want anything else from Jetpack?

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This mod also adds many other mechanics and items that you can download and try right away!

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