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Minecraft PE Grappling Hook Mod

date date Mon Jul 24 14:16:05 CST 2023
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This Mod was originally part of the Cave Update Remastered mod, and is now separate for players who only need the Grappling Hook. The Mod can be used separately, but there are still some contents that need the support of the Cave Update Remastered mod. Players can choose according to your needs.

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The Grappling Hook is used similarly to a crossbow, except it's focused entirely on mobility. When you shot the hook, you will be pulled toward where your projectile lands. If the projectile goes too far or you stay on the rope for too long, the rope will snap. This can be pretty dangerous if you are dangling from the ceiling or a high wall.

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Even though it does not require any ammunition to shot, it still takes durability damage. To help with this, it can be enchanted with Unbreaking and Mending at an anvil or Enchantment Table. It can also be repaired with a Copper Ingot.

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Glowing Grappling Hook is perhaps the easiest to craft of the 3 variants. Its recipe is pictured below. As you may have guessed by the name, the thing that makes this one special is that it illuminates the surrounding area as it's fired, allowing you to see what you're grappling towards. And potentially warning you of any ghastly ghouls in your path. It is repaired with copper ingots, just like the default grappling hook.

The First Recipe for the Glowing Grappling Hook requires the Cave Update Remastered to be installed!

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Netherite Grappling Hook is probably the coolest looking of the grappling hooks. If you have extra netherite to spare and are sick of repairing your grappling hooks, you may want to strive for this one. It also fires its hook with double the velocity and with double the range, allowing you to reach even greater heights than you otherwise could.

In the event that you do somehow use this enough to warrant repairing it, it will take another netherite ingot to do so. Though, if you have access to netherite, you may just want to enchant it with mending at that point...

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Last, and certainly not least is the Ender Grappling Hook. Most other grappling hooks have the unfortunate downside of needing solid ground to grapple onto. This one... does not. Through some weird ender magic or something, it can grapple onto itself and take you along for the ride. You can save yourself from falling into the void or from a fiery demise. Or maybe, just fly into the skies.

The recipe for this one finally gives another use to Dragon's Breath beyond just lingering potions. It is also repaired at an anvil using a bottle of Dragon's Breath.

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