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Minecraft PE Fortify Mod

date date Wed Jul 19 12:09:24 CST 2023
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Minecraft Fortify mod is a mod that focuses on adding new armor, tools, and weapons to Minecraft and is compatible with most other mods. When you use this mod, make sure to turn on "Holiday Creator Features", "Custom biomes", and "Molang Features"!

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Copper tools

The Mod has added a new mineral: copper, which is a mineral with a lower status than iron and you can find it in many places. You can use copper to craft all tools and armor, and the mod adds a new weapon: the hammer, which has a range attack feature.

The biggest feature of copper is Oxidation occurs, which happens when you equip a copper item or place it in an armor stand. As Oxidation occurs, the durability, effect, and appearance of your copper item will change.

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You can find amethyst, a mineral with slightly lower properties than diamonds, in underground mines. Armor and tools made of amethyst are close to diamonds in terms of damage and protection, but only half as durable.

In addition, the mod has added a new weapon, the Spear, which has a long tool range and penetration ability, and can attack multiple enemies in a line.

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Emerald is an existing mineral in the game, the mod adds corresponding armor and tools to it, and its properties are higher than amethyst and lower than diamonds. Has the same protection and damage as a diamond, but the weapon has a lower attack speed and is less durable.

The Mod adds a weapon dagger, which deals both base and magic damage and has the same range and speed as a sword

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Glowing Obsidian

Glowing Obsidian is a special mineral that cannot be directly collected by the player, and requires the synthesis of Glowing Obsidian Shards from Obsidian and redstone, which are then used to synthesize Glowing Obsidian blocks.

Glowing Obsidian has properties slightly lower than diamonds and higher than emeralds. Full Glowing Obsidian armor activates special abilities, When Monsters within 10 blocks of you will activate the ability, Players within 5 blocks of you will get the strength 1 effect. The more Monsters in your range, the longer the strength will last (stacks up to 5 monsters)

The Mod adds a new weapon, Battleaxe, with Cleave's abilities, dealing 14 damage to enemies in a 4.5block radius ahead.

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In addition to adding these minerals and the corresponding tool armor, the Mod also adds some tools and armor that need to be obtained in a special way for you to explore!

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