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Minecraft PE Dracomalum Mod

date date Wed Jul 19 10:53:34 CST 2023
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Dracomalum is a dragon-themed Minecraft Mod. The Mod adds new weapons and armor. And a new world, The Aether, as well as changes to The game's original world: The End, The Nether, and The Overworld. New buildings have been added to the mix, and most importantly, a variety of dragons! Players can tame these dragons and use various items added to the Mod to interact with them or manipulate them.

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The Aether

The Aether is a new world in mod, to get here, you need to make Aether Portal with the crafting table, and walk in after placing the Aether Portal. In The Aether, you will see blue grass and golden trees, but it is not as safe as it seems. There are many dangerous enemies here. Among these enemies, the most powerful are Minotaur in Labyrinth Island, and the Aether Dragon,——a mighty dragon that can only be summoned through special rituals.

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Minotaur is a very powerful Boss in Aether, and you need to search for his labyrinth island in Aether and navigate through dangerous mazes to find it. Its Health may not be as strong as that of the Aether Dragon, but its Minotaur Axe can do terrible damage to you. When you defeat it you earn its Minotaur Axe.

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The End

We certainly won't forget the original Dragon in Minecraft, and our favorite Ender Dragon has an updated model to match other dragons from the Mod.

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The Nether

The depths of The Nether hide some very powerful creatures, such as The Adamant Warlord, a dangerous humanoid BOSS who uses a special hammer.

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In addition to The warlords, there are also very dangerous dragons in The Nether. One of them is the Nether Dragon, on top of the old King's Fortress in the center of the Nether, which you can summon in a special way.

Then deep beneath The Nether, about A thousand blocks from the center of the Nether, you will meet another more powerful dragon: the dreaded Magma Dripper. It sleeps in a volcano. Don't let that put your guard down, the Magma Dripper has a full power attack that can nearly instantly kill anything.

The only way to defend against this attack is holding up a shield, and healing yourself with potions or gapples. . Before entering his chamber however, it is heavily recommended to duel with warlord, The Adamant Warlord who's hammer deals extra damage to the Magma Dripper.

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The Overworld

Everywhere in the Overworld, you can see Tall villager towers built by merchants and villagers to keep them safe, but not all towers are doing their job. Some towers have been destroyed by Skysailors and have become dens for Skysailors and other dangerous creatures.

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In addition to The Skysailors, many other dragons exist in The Overworld, such as the Fire Dragon, the Ice dragon, and the Blizzarion, which live in their respective preferred biomes. There are also special skeleton dragons and Celestial Skulk who live underground.

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In the Mod, players can tame many kinds of dragons. Most dragons need to be tamed by hatching their eggs, and you need to kill the dragon or steal the eggs to get them. To hatch the egg, you just need place it and long-pressing it, and the hatch is begin. a process that usually takes about 20 minutes.

After you have tamed a dragon, you can make dragon armor out of various materials. Or make a Dragon Whistle and blow it while riding and the dragon will breathe fire.

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