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Minecraft PE-Encanto - Casita Madrigal Map

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The Casa Madrigal (otherwise referred to as Casita) is a location featured in Disney’s 2021 animated film Encanto. Created by a magical candle, Casita is home to the The Madrigals. Like its gifted residents, Casita harbors magic of its own in the form of sentience.

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Personality-wise, the Casita is described to be "little bit more opinionated and flawed like a family. It's a house that plays favorites, a house that messes with people", and its personality "aligns with the feelings of the family Madrigal", such as being happy if the family is happy, or the house's walls beginning to crack if there's discord among them.

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Generally, the Casita is kind and very helpful towards the family, using its ability to rearrange its features to suit the family's needs or aid them in their daily routines. The Casita deeply cares about the Madrigals and puts their safety before itself, going as far as getting everyone out when it was falling apart from the loss of the magic, and used the last of its strength to protect Mirabel from harm.

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Casa Madrigal is a three-story square building that encloses the ceilingless courtyard at its center. There are many small balconies located on the outer walls and the roof of the house is Spanish roof tiles. Adjacent to the courtyard, there is a single staircase connecting the ground floor with the second floor, which is where Pedro's portrait hangs. After being rebuilt, the front door depicts all of the members of the Madrigal family together carved into the wood.

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