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UFO In Melon Sandbox Playground - 16.0 Concept

date date Tue Jul 04 16:16:23 CST 2023
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The Melon Sandbox Playground has been surprising us lately. In this latest launch of the new concept UFO, we see a number of very attractive new features.

At the beginning of the video we can see that the player will be able to control the Living sitting inside the UFO. Compared to the current version, this is a huge highlight. None of the three vehicles that exist in the current game can carry passengers as freely as the UFO in the concept. If this feature can be extended to all vehicles, it will be a very big step forward.

In the next part of the video, we can see that the UFO did indeed fly as we are familiar with the UFO, but the interesting thing is that the UFO interface is the same as the current version of the vehicle interface. This means that there are actually no buttons to control the flight, which makes us wonder how the flight in the video operates.

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