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New Deformation In Melon Sandbox Playground 17.0 - CONCEPT

date date Thu Jul 13 14:42:03 CST 2023
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Melon Sandbox Playground seems to have a lot of idea about the destruction of the map boundaries recently, and released a new related concept. This one is about destroying map boundaries with tools.

In the previous Melon Sandbox Playground concepts, we saw the concept of explosives causing damage to map boundaries. If the border of the map is within the range of a explosion, the damage will be caused on boundaries according to the power of the explosive. And this time, it's not just explosives that can cause damage to map boundaries, but also various tools such as hammers, drills, and circular saws.

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In the video, we can see that the repeated hammering of a hammer can damage the boundaries of a map and even leave rubble like hitting a concrete wall. The drill bit, on the other hand, is able to drill holes in the map boundary just like the real drill bit. The only strange thing is the circular saw, the circular saw can directly create a hole in the wall as big as the saw blade, I don't think the real circular saw can cause such serious damage to a wall, I prefer the circular saw will be stuck in the wall, that is more realistic.

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