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Those Deleted Easter Eggs In Old Version Melon Sandbox Playground

date date Tue Jul 04 10:59:22 CST 2023
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As the Melon Sandbox Playground continues to be updated, some Easter eggs in older versions have also been removed in the update. We've listed four of them here,take a look.

Strange icon

In the old Melon Sandbox Playground, in the upper left corner of the game's main menu, there are a series of official social platform accounts for the game, but on the far left of them there is a strange icon that looks like a radar station, which is not any common social platform. This icon has been removed from the latest game.

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Mysterious Camera

In older versions of the pool map, if you drag the camera to the top left corner, you can see a strange surveillance camera in the corner. Some players have speculated that there is evidence in the game that the game actually takes place in an abandoned laboratory, and this camera is one of the evidences. But the camera was removed in the new version of the game. It is possible that this is in line with the feature that maps can switch themes in the new version.

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A Keyboard Off the Map

Another map in the older version, the one with a huge slope and tunnel, also has a more mysterious Easter egg. In the map, if you keep dragging the camera to the left, beyond the normal range of the map, you will see a mysterious keyboard, click the keyboard you will be able to type text, it is said that entering a piece of code in it will have mysterious things happen.

Laboratory And Biochemical Waste

In the old version there was a hidden map that looked like the game's main menu, with its iconic spherical chandelier and office-like amenities. But one of the most interesting is a trash can at the edge of the map with the logo of a biochemical material printed on it. This suggests that the bin may contain biochemical waste. We can drag this trash can, and if we destroy that trash can, the whole map will sound an alarm, and the red light will go on. This map is also important evidence for players to speculate that the setting of the game is an abandoned laboratory.

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