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What is New in Melon Sandbox Playground 16.0

date date Thu Jun 29 18:09:00 CST 2023
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In Melon Sandbox Playground 16.0, three new objects have been added to the game. One of them is Laser which won the Vote, and two new vehicles: APC and Scooter. The laser is a brand new weapon that you can use it to shoot continuously, and when the laser shoots a target for a long time it will ignite the target. In addition, the laser has a unique feature, when it shoots the water, the laser will change the Angle in the water, and lose its damage.

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The APC(Armored Personnel Carrier) is one of the two new vehicles, and its form and function are modeled after the real Russian BTR82A armored vehicle. Like the BTR82A, the game's APC can travel on water, and its 30mm main gun can inflict devastating damage.The last new vehicle added in version 16.0 is a scooter. Don't underestimate it, it is currently the only underwater vehicle, it has a bell, this bell has hidden Easter eggs.

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