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Melon Sandbox Playground 18.0 new leak!

date date Tue Aug 08 09:33:04 CST 2023
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Recently, some video producers who had contact with the Melon Sandbox Playground production team had released some new video about 18.0 leak . This new leak is very interesting, let's take a look.

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In the video we can see that brand new features have been added to the Mod editor. It allows players to import pictures to change the character's skin. Players can specify a separate texture for each part of their body. This greatly reduces the difficulty of making character mods, and now mods only need to draw a picture that includes all the parts of the character's body and can be imported directly into the game.

We will continue to watch for more content in version 18.0, and hope that version 18.0 will meet with us soon.

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