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Melon PG?! A NEW Name for Melon Playground!

date date Mon Aug 14 09:53:46 CST 2023
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As we know, Melon playground changed the official name of the game on Google to "Melon Sandbox Playground" (which is what we've always called it), but now, everything has changed again! Melon playground has a new name! Melon PG! Apparently, "PG" in Melon meant "playground" or" playground game." And our good old Melon are still here, like always!

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The fact that Melon Playground Sandbox PG or Melon PG was renamed is probably related to another similar game, Human Playground. Human Playground officials, though, have great respect for Melon playground. However, there are inevitable conflicts between players of the two games. Because the two games are similar in style, gameplay, and even names, it's hard not to compare them. Anyway, it's always nice to see Melon Playground get a new name that's easy to catch, right?

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