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Txyme's Cottagecore Texture Packs

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Txyme's Cottagecore Texture Packs
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Immerse Yourself in Pastel Charm: Experience Txyme's Cottagecore Pack for Minecraft Bedrock!

Calling all lovers of cozy cottages and quaint villages! Step into a dreamy world of soft hues and rustic charm with Txyme's Cottagecore Pack, now available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

Originally crafted by Thyme for Java Edition and lovingly ported to Bedrock by me, this pack captures the essence of the beloved cottagecore aesthetic:

  • Sweet & Simple Textures: Say goodbye to harsh lines and bold colors. Txyme's Cottagecore Pack embraces a Minecraft+ style, transforming your world with gentle pastels, smooth gradients, and adorable pixelated details. Everything feels inviting, comfortable, and oh-so-cute!

  • Enchanting Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a storybook setting. Lush greenery dances with gentle breezes, sunlight filters through quaint windows, and soft shadows add a touch of whimsical mystery. Each block and texture whispers of cozy fireplaces, fragrant flowerbeds, and adventures around winding country lanes.

  • Light & Performance-Friendly: Don't worry about frame drops! Txyme's Cottagecore Pack maintains a balance between stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. Even on older devices, you can enjoy the gentle beauty of this pack without sacrificing performance.

  • Ready to Explore: This pack is ready to go out of the box! No need to fiddle with complex settings or resource conflicts. Simply install and step into your very own cottagecore paradise.

Whether you're building a charming cottage, nurturing a flower garden, or simply wandering through sun-dappled meadows, Txyme's Cottagecore Pack brings the magic of cottagecore to life in Minecraft Bedrock. Download it today and discover a world overflowing with pastel charm and rustic simplicity!


- Download Texture;
- Use Minecraft PE
- Open the downloaded .mcpack to install;
- Select texture in settings;
- Done.

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