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Minecraft PE MineCars Mod

date date Wed Aug 02 09:54:16 CST 2023
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MineCars Mods is a vehicle Mod that adds variety of vehicles with different looks and function, each with unique features and positioning in the Minecraft world, from lighting and transporting goods to mining ores, building railroads, frying fish, and hitting monsters. Most importantly, they are vanilla-style! The vehicles MineCars adds may look like mining cars, but they are powered by fuel and can move without a track!

Fuel the car by interacting with fuel, such as: coal / charcoal / coal block / lava / planks / stairs / logs, stripped logs / hay block / kelp block / logs / blaze rod

You can repair cars by iron ingots

If you equip tools on the car, which can be removed by tearing off with a hoe

You can pick up the car by punching it while sneaking

"Firework rockets"can boost the speed of car for 3 seconds.

It takes about 3 seconds to accelerate. Some tools on minecars only work after acceleration.

Car can gives driver resistance effect.

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You can equip the vehicle with armor, which will increase the health of the vehicle and reduce the damage taken.

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You can carry a mine car by putting it on your head. Cute, isn't it?

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All minecars explode into pieces when they have only 0.5 heart or less health.

The mine car will shake violently for 1 second before it explodes, giving you time to escape!

Fatal fall damage causes the car to explode instantly.

Explosion deals 12-15 damage (depending on difficulty)

After the explosion, each mine car had unique debris

You can clean up the pieces by hitting them

Most mine-car pieces will drop scrap metal unless they are badly damaged (this way nothing will drop).

Scrap metal can be smelted back into ingots

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Brand new hot air balloon mine car! You can fly at will, and you can hover!

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Bumper MineCars! you can dye the flag into 15 different colors; 15 different teams! when crashes with other bumper minecars/slimes/magma cubes, they bounce backwards!

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