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Minecraft PE Iron Man Mod

date date Fri Jul 28 16:52:22 CST 2023
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Every child in childhood fantasizes about owning an Iron Man armor. Imagine yourself flying freely, with a Thruster and a Missile Launcher Glove. You can defeat an army on your own. Now you can do that in Minecraft!

How to get a suit

To get weapons and the Iron Man suits. You will need to craft the Suit Gantry.

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To make suits or weapons you will require Vibranium ingots and the arc reactor, which will allow you to power suits and thruster gloves, the arc reactor is placed in the leg slot.

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Fly and Controls

When using the elytras, it will change its design for an Iron Man glider, you will have unlimited flight, you just have to be careful not to crash, to lower the flight level press the crouch button, to deactivate flight press the jump button.

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Thruster glove

When using the thruster glove, it will be able to fire a blast of light that deals too much damage to enemies, it will not require ammunition nor will it be spent while you have an arc reactor in the leg slot. It will include a sight that will increase your vision and help you aiming, to use it hold down the crouch button and be on the ground. This only works if you have a suit on and the helmet on.

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Miniguns fires a burst of bullets, the firing time is 0.1, its magazine is 60 bullets and it only works while the magazine is full and you have an Iron Man suit on. It will be given to you in your inventory as long as you wear armor superior to Mark I, the ammunition is infinite as long as they have an arc reactor. To reload, place the ammunition of the miniguns in the second hand, when the magazine is empty you press the button to crouch and interact.

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Missile Launcher Glove

With this glove it allows you to fire missiles, it will be required to have a missile in the second hand to fire a missile. Its explosion power is 4. Also as well as the propeller glove it includes a sight.

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