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Minecraft PE Garten of Banban 4 Mod

date date Wed Aug 30 09:52:13 CST 2023
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Explore the abandoned Banban's Kindergarten in Garten of Banban 4 mod. Know the truth behind the place, and find the whereabouts of your missing child, meet those friends in Minecraft!

Some new characters from Garten of Banban 4


Bittergiggle is a part of the Mutants, and the main antagonist of Garten of Banban IV, they are seen heavily on the games promotional material which later down the line revealed the head and partially the legs of his monster form. There is also a whiteboard near the elevator seen in the Bird Room in Garten of Banban III which has text instructing the Player to not let "The Jester" find them. His goal is to make Queen Bouncelia laugh, unleashing The Naughty Ones, plunging the current level in ruin.

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Queen Bouncelia

Queen Bouncelia is one of the four completely new characters in Garten of Banban III, and is the only new one shown in the cafeteria together with the main crew, if you don't count Nabnaleena. Despite this, she doesn't appear in the game, her only real appearance is her depiction and a sign on the wall that says that a door leads to her containment. Queen Bouncelia, in fact, does not have anything important to the game now and storyline: no puzzles, no lore, nothing. But her importance is risen by a lot in Garten of Banban IV, serving as the tritagonist of this installment. Apparently, she shouldn’t laugh at anything, as if she does, The Naughty Ones will escape and reek madness and chaos upon the kingdom. So Sheriff Toadster is working hard to protect her.

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Kittysaurus is a cat-dinosaur hybrid with pure white eyes and sharp teeth, its fur is brown/orange in color while its paws and mouth are white, and it has white claws on its lower feet. Kittysaurus is the secondary antagonist of Garten of Banban IV.

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More old characters from previous Garten of Banban

Jumbo Josh

Jumbo Josh appears to be a lime, muscular giant creature, vaguely shaped like a humanoid with two stubby legs, two widening forearms ending with mitten-like fists, and a rather bulbous head. On his head, there are two bugged-out eyes and a mischevious tongue-less mouth shaped to a wide grin.

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Banbaleena is a tall white humanoid of an unspecified species, possessing a pair of ear-like horns on top of her head. One of those ears, she wears a pink bow. Her monster form differs from her depiction, thanks to the addition of make-up around her eyes and mouth, along with eyelashes. A particularity of Banbaleena is that her appearance changes during her jumpscare. Her eyes turn a blood red, and her make-up runs down her face, reminiscent of someone crying.

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Banban is a tall, red humanoid figure, with two party hats sitting on two horns on his head, only consisting of two round eyes and a toothless mouth occupied with a long flacid tongue inside.

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Sheriff Toadster

Case 9, also known as the Sheriff, or Sheriff Toadster, is a Givanium-based creature, sculpted to a resemblance of the Common Toad. Sheriff Toadster's genomes are those of Givanium, the common toad (bufo bufo), and a human (explaining the ability of bipedal motion and vocalization). Case 9 was recreated as a mascot, but then abandoned and dropped from bring-a-friend day.

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Minecraft PE Garten of Banban 4 Mod Download

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