Zombie Boss Mod

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Zombie Boss Mod
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Face the Ultimate Challenge: Introducing the Annihilation Beast!

Brace yourself for a heart-pounding battle against the Annihilation Beast, a fearsome new boss surpassing even the power of the Bedrock Wither!

Unleash the Fury:

  • Unnatural Strength: This behemoth boasts unparalleled power, capable of inflicting devastating damage (10 hearts per hit) that pierces even the sturdiest Netherite armor.

  • Devious Strategies: Employ cunning tactics as the Annihilation Beast unleashes its arsenal of unique attacks.

  • Rewarding Victory: Emerge victorious and claim your spoils, including:

    • Special Zombie Flesh: Gain enhanced strength, speed, jump boost, resistance, and either poison or hunger immunity.

    • Zombie Boss Skull (Rare): Command the allegiance of nearby zombies, turning them into your loyal allies and gaining increased punching damage with a chance of inflicting poison.

    • Diamonds/Netherite Ingots (Very Rare): Acquire valuable resources.

    • Experience Bounty: Earn substantial experience points.

Embrace the Challenge:

  • Cunning Summoning: Unlike the Wither, the Annihilation Beast requires a specific ritual to be summoned. Trap a zombie, empower it with a Strength Potion, and interact with a flint to unleash this formidable foe.

  • Prepare for Battle: Be wary, especially during nighttime, as the boss's summoned minions, some even wielding armor and weapons, become even more formidable under the cloak of darkness.

  • Adapt and Conquer: The Annihilation Beast's earth-shattering stomp pulverizes the ground beneath you, negating the traditional "stack and attack" strategy. Stay vigilant and maintain distance whenever possible.


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