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Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

yFarmCraft: Elevate Your Farming Experience in Minecraft

Embark on an agricultural adventure with yFarmCraft, a Minecraft addon that introduces a plethora of new features, animals, plants, and blocks to transform your farming endeavors.

Interactive Animals


  • Exhibit unique behavior compared to vanilla pigs.

  • Require mud carpets for contentment and reproduction.

  • Produce extra drops, including bacon, when overfed and then killed.

  • Can be force-digested using water troughs to accelerate the cycle.

  • Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

Chickens and Other Birds:

  • Encompass chickens, roosters, guinea fowls, ducks, and turkeys.

  • Females construct nests and lay eggs, with the probability increasing when spilled seeds are available.

  • Ducks drop raw duck, turkeys drop raw turkey, and chickens drop common raw chicken.

  • Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

    Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com


  • Generate manure, a valuable item for crafting.

  • Female goats can be milked for cheese.

  • Male goats, identifiable by larger horns, are necessary for breeding.

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com


  • Emerge from anthills and can be released using a shovel or hoe.

  • Prune crops, returning them to their initial growth stage.

  • Carry leaves that can be collected to create fertilizer.

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com


  • Spawn in dark places and are attracted to cornfields.

  • Can be trapped using cheese placed on the ground.

  • Provide rabbit fur, essential for crafting resource bags.

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

NPC Farmer:

  • Inhabit huts, with up to two farmers per hut.

  • Possess up to ten texture variants and exhibit unique interactions.

  • Exchange a variety of items, including seeds, blocks, meat, and vegetables.

Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com


  • Primarily serve as a food source for hungry birds.

  • Drop worms when killed, used to prepare crop soil.

Diverse Blocks and Items

Growing Boxes:

  • Replace vanilla farmlands for planting crops.

  • Automatically plant crops when seeds are dumped on the ground.

New Food Blocks:

  • Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Pie, Blueberry Pie, Jelly Pot, Strawberry Jelly, Blueberry Jelly, and Chili Jelly.

  • Highly nutritious and can be used to feed chickens and birds.

Seeds Dumped and Corn Dumped:

  • Alternative methods for planting seeds and corn, working automatically.


  • House eggs laid by female birds.

  • Hatch chicks after a variable time.

Fruit Trees:

  • Include mango, grape, orange, pear, and pomegranate.

  • Produce hanging fruits that must be collected or they will disappear.

Fruit Boxes:

  • Store eight fruits of the same type.


  • Can be crafted from the five available fruits.


  • Filled by interacting with hay blocks.


  • Turns goat's milk into cheese.

Fried Eggs:

  • Prepared from any type of egg, offering quick life recovery.


  • Cultivated as stems growing to random heights.

  • Coffee fruits can be collected, turned into seeds, or roasted to make coffee.

Slop Boxes:

  • Filled with vegetables to feed pigs.

Farm Tents:

  • Found throughout the world in three variants.

  • Contain various crops, plantations, and add-on blocks.


  • Twelve types of crops: cucumber, broccoli, blueberry, strawberry, lettuce, pepper, chili pepper, radish, turnip, corn, tomato, and eggplant.

  • Scarecrows protect crops from birds and ants within a 32-block radius.

  • Fertilizer boxes can be used to accelerate crop growth 4x.

  • Bonemeal produces green growth particles for common crops and brown particles for fertilized crops.

Custom Chicks:

  • Can be obtained by interacting with a custom chicken spawn egg found in creative mode.

Block Availability:

  • All blocks can be crafted for use in survival mode.

How do I get the blocks in the creative?Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com

Note: All blocks can be crafted for use in survival mode!


Addon: yFarmCraft - modsgamer.com 

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