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Wolf Forever Mod

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Wolf Forever Mod
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Minecraft Mutt Master: The Wolf Forever Addon

Calling all Minecraft tamers! Unleash the ultimate canine companion with the Wolf Forever addon! This innovative mod empowers you to craft custom kennels, grant your wolves immortality, and unlock powerful new abilities.

Unleash the Pack Leader Within:

  • Kennel Craftsman: Design a personalized haven for your loyal companion. Choose from 26 unique, craftable kennels, each offering distinct styles and features.

  • Immortal Companions: No more heartbreak! Grant your wolves near-immortality. When a KO'd wolf reaches zero health, they'll become unconscious, allowing you to revive them and continue your adventures together.

  • Enhanced Loyalty: Tailor your wolf's behavior with three intuitive modes:

    • Hostile Mode:  Your wolf will fiercely defend you and attack any hostile entity you or your wolf engage.

    • Pacific Mode:  Your wolf becomes a peaceful companion, focusing solely on adventuring by your side.

    • KO Mode:  When your wolf falls unconscious, simply approach them to revive them and continue your journey.

Strengthen Your Bond:

  • Golden Bone Power-Up:  Craft a golden bone using gold and a bone. This potent treat grants your wolf regeneration, fire resistance, and increased stamina for 10 minutes, transforming them into a temporary powerhouse.

  • Wolf Release:  Need to manage your pack size? Craft a release wolf item using a bone and a stick to peacefully release your wolf.


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