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Weapon Cases Addon

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Weapon Cases Addon
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Thu Dec 14 17:54:18 CST 2023
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Addon: Weapon Cases - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft addon equips you with an amazing arsenal of 60 unique weapons, divided into 5 tiers. Obtain these chests by exploring buildings and defeating enemies. But these are no ordinary weapons; each has a special ability that can be triggered by right-clicking, depending on its type.

Imagine striking fear into your enemies with a blade that unleashes clouds of poison or ignites flames! Maybe you prefer the thrill of increased speed or the devastating power of a lightning strike. Whatever your preference, there's a weapon waiting to unleash your inner warrior.


Common: 10 different swords waiting to be wielded.

Uncommon: 12 unique swords provide an expanded arsenal.

Rare: 17 powerful swords granting greater power.

LEGENDS: 12 legendary swords ready for the most epic battles.

Mythology: 11 mythical swords unleashing unparalleled power (pictures coming soon!).

Get ready to dominate the battlefield with these incredible weaponized wonders!

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