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VVSP The TrollerGoblin Mod

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VVSP The TrollerGoblin Mod
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Mon Apr 15 15:34:33 CST 2024
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Face The TrollerGoblin: A Challenging New Boss in Minecraft with VVSP!

Tired of the same old Minecraft bosses? Spice up your battles with the VVSP addon, introducing the TrollerGoblin, a powerful and unpredictable foe!

A Formidable Challenge:

  • Unique Boss Encounter: VVSP brings the TrollerGoblin, a mutated villager boss, ready to test your combat skills and teamwork.

  • Strategic Combat: Employ diamond armor and strategize your attacks to overcome the TrollerGoblin's diverse abilities.

  • Beware Its Wrath: This boss boasts knockback attacks, leaping maneuvers, and the power to summon minions to its aid.

The TrollerGoblin's Arsenal:

  • Llama Spit Barrage: The TrollerGoblin launches volleys of llama spit, but suffers vulnerability during these attacks.

  • Spinning Fury: Brace yourself for the TrollerGoblin's devastating spin attack, delivering high knockback and damage.

  • Minion Mayhem: The boss can summon zombie villagers and fangs to overwhelm and distract players.

  • Multi-Player Challenge: When facing a group of attackers, the TrollerGoblin unleashes a line of fangs – a formidable defense.

A Work in Progress:

  • Future Updates: The VVSP developer promises exciting additions like lightning strikes, explosive attacks, and even the possibility of the TrollerGoblin catching some Zzz's!

  • Bug Fixes: The developer is actively addressing bugs like invisible pillagers and occasional glitches in the boss's attack patterns.

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