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VDX: Old Days UI Mod / Texture Pack

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VDX: Old Days UI Mod / Texture Pack
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Fri Mar 08 17:14:57 CST 2024
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Relive Minecraft Nostalgia with the Classic UI Pack for Bedrock Edition!

Yearn for the look and feel of classic Minecraft? Look no further than the Classic UI Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This innovative resource pack meticulously recreates the user interface (UI) elements from the beloved Alpha 0.11.0-0.14.0 era (2015) for your current Minecraft experience.

Immerse Yourself in Nostalgia:

  • Timeless Aesthetics: Rekindle cherished memories with a UI overhaul that faithfully replicates the classic Pocket and Desktop UI designs from 2015.

  • Authentic Experience: Expect a delightful blend of meticulously styled screens and those meticulously recreated with 70% accuracy, ensuring a truly nostalgic journey.

Traverse Familiar Menus:

  • Extensive Redesign: The pack revamps a vast array of UI elements, including the Start screen, Play screen, world management options, settings, HUD, inventory screens (both Pocket and Desktop versions), the chat screen, pause screen, skin picker, and even select dialogs. (See screenshots for details)

Modular Customization:

  • Subpack Flexibility: Enable or disable specific UI elements using the convenient subpack options, tailoring the classic experience to your preferences.


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