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USS Missouri Mod

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USS Missouri Mod
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Wed Dec 20 18:46:32 CST 2023
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Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

Unleash the Iron Might: Command the USS Missouri in Minecraft!

Relive history's thunder with the iconic USS Missouri, brought to life in Minecraft! This awe-inspiring battleship, armed with modern weaponry inspired by the thrilling Modern Warships game, offers an unmatched experience of naval dominance.

A Fortress of Steel:

  • Imposing Presence: The USS Missouri boasts a staggering health pool of 460,000 to 500,000, standing as an immovable fortress against any threat.

  • A Moderate Pace: While not the swiftest ship, the Missouri's deliberate movement allows for strategic positioning and devastating firepower concentration.

Unleashing a Symphony of Destruction:

  • Main Battery Mayhem: Three Mark 7 Naval Guns, each boasting a devastating 12,000 damage per cannon, rain down destruction upon your foes. Prepare to witness the earth tremble as these behemoths unleash their fury.

  • Secondary Salvo: Six Mark 12 Naval Guns with respectable 2,112 damage per cannon serve as your secondary battery, providing consistent firepower against smaller targets.

  • Modern Missile Might: The RUM-139 Missile System, capable of launching six missiles at once with 5,200 damage per missile, eliminates distant threats with swift precision.

A Shield of Steel and Lead:

  • Skyward Defense: Two Phalanx Ciws, firing a constant stream of 20mm rounds, shred any aerial threats that dare approach your mighty vessel.

  • Anti-Aircraft Barrage: Four Bofor Quadro 40mm cannons unleash a torrent of lead against airborne enemies, ensuring complete airspace dominance.

The Aerial Ace:

  • RAH-66 Helicopter: This agile helicopter, with its 20mm cannon and deadly Xm301 Missiles (each dealing a staggering 12,000 damage), provides invaluable reconnaissance and targeted strikes against distant or mobile enemies.


Game screenshots

USS Missouri

  • Health: 460000 - 500000

  • Speed: Not fastAddon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

Weapons: 3 Main gun, 6 auxiliary cannons, 4 Ciws,2 bofor quadro40mm, Rum-139 missile, 1 helicopter RAH-66 Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com 

Mark7 Naval Gun 

  • Damage per cannon: 12000

  • Turret with 3 406mm cannons 

  • As the main gun on the USS Missouri Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

Mark12 Naval Gun

  • Damage per cannon: 2112

  • Turret with 2 127mm cannons 

  • As a secondary weapon on the USS Missouri Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

RUM-139 Missile 

  • Damage: 5200

  • Every launch: 6 missile 

  • Attack even monsters 

Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com


Phalanx Ciws 

  • Damage: 10

  • Anti-aircraft gun 20mm

  • It will shoot flying monsters Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

Bofor Quadro 40mm

  • Damage: 400

  • Anti-aircraft gun with 4 40mm guns Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com

RAH-66 Helicopter 

  • Health: 300 

  • Speed: 1

  • Weapon: 1 20mm gun with 30 bullets 1 shot, each bullet has 400 damage

  • Xm301 Missile ,6 missiles each time, damage :12000

Addon: USS Missouri - modsgamer.com


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