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True Enderite Mod

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True Enderite Mod
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Mon Nov 13 17:11:28 CST 2023
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Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com

Upgrade Your Minecraft Experience with the New True Enderite Add-on

The True Enderite Add-on for Minecraft adds a new type of material called Enderite to the game. Enderite has a number of unique properties that make it the ultimate material for adventurers.

Here are some of the features of the Enderite Add-on:

  • Enderite floats: This means that Enderite blocks and items will not fall to the ground, even if they are not placed on a solid surface. This can be useful for building floating structures or for preventing items from falling into the void.

  • Enderite is fireproof: Enderite is immune to fire, so it will not burn in lava. This makes it a safe material to use for building structures in the Nether.

  • Enderite protects from falling: Enderite armor gives you a chance to survive a fall from any height. This can be a lifesaver in the event of a miscalculation or a surprise attack.

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your Minecraft experience, the Enderite Add-on is a must-have. Download it today and start exploring the world in a whole new way!

​Mod detailsa

Enderite Debris

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com Enderite Debris spawns in the End dimension in clusters of 1-3 at the y level 0-30. Enderite will not spawn exposed to the air so you will need to go mining.

Raw Enderite

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com It can be obtained my smelting Enderite Debris ONLY in a blast furnace. A regular furnace will not work.

Enderite Scrap

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com It can be obtained my smelting Raw Enderite ONLY in a blast furnace. A regular furnace will not work.

Enderite Ingot

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com Combine 4 scrap with 4 ender pearls to get an ingot.

Enderite Armor

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com 
Obtain it my combining it with Netherite armor in the Smithing table.Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com 

Enderite Tools

Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com Also obtained my upgrading Netherite tools. These tools are one tier above Netherite, meaning they are faster and do more damage.


Void Warp

If you wear a full set of Enderite armor you will be saved from the void.


Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com All Enderite items float so you don't loose them to the void.

  • Added Enderite

  • Added Scrap, ingot, debris and raw Enderite

  • Added special abilities


Addon: True Enderite - modsgamer.com


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