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Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship Mod

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Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship Mod
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Wed May 01 11:26:18 CST 2024
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Set Sail on the High Seas with the Minecraft Pirate Ship Addon!

Ahoy, mateys!  Ever dreamt of conquering the Minecraft seas aboard your very own pirate ship? Look no further than the Minecraft Pirate Ship Addon!**

This exciting addon, created by a dedicated modder, brings the thrill of pirate adventures straight to your Minecraft world.  Explore vast oceans and embark on epic journeys with two meticulously crafted ships straight out of the 17th century!

Key Features:

  • Two Authentic Ships: Choose from the nimble Cutter, perfect for swift exploration and trade, or the mighty Galleon, a formidable vessel designed for both exploration and epic battles (coming soon!).

  • Detailed Design: Immerse yourself in the intricate craftsmanship of these ships, featuring realistic details and functional interiors on the Galleon.

  • Steerable & Expandable: Take the helm and chart your course across uncharted waters. The mod creator promises future updates with exciting features like ship weaponry!


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