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Tombs Mod
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Conquer Death with Style: Introducing the Tombs Addon for Minecraft!

Tired of losing your precious loot when you die? Fear not, adventurers! The Tombs Addon grants you the power to personalize your death and recover your belongings with ease.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Customizable Tombs: Choose from a variety of tombs to mark your final resting place. Decorate your own or select a pre-made masterpiece to add a touch of personality to your demise.

  • Convenient Recovery: No more frantic searching! Upon death, your tomb automatically spawns at your location, marked by your player tag. Simply use the provided key to unlock and reclaim your lost treasures.

  • Death's Compass: A handy message in the chat guides you to your tomb's coordinates, ensuring you never lose your way, even in the afterlife.

  • Enchanted Teleportation: Combine the key with an Ender Pearl to create an enchanted key. Crouch and right-click to teleport away in a flash, escaping perilous situations or simply skipping unnecessary backtracking.

  • Spooky Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the mystery with an optional fog effect within your tombs. Activate it with a simple crouch interaction for an extra touch of ambiance.

  • Fine-Tune Your Experience: Utilize the in-game configuration command to tweak the addon to your preferences. Choose from always-enchanted keys or open tombs for everyone (key still provided for now).

Download the Tombs Addon today and:

  • Craft your personalized afterlife!

  • Recover your loot with ease and style!

  • Navigate the world beyond with clarity!

  • Unleash the power of enchanted teleportation!

  • Customize your experience for ultimate satisfaction!

Remember: Activate the required experimental options in Minecraft for optimal functionality.


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