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The Murder Mini-game Minecraft Map

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The Murder Mini-game Minecraft Map
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Dive into Deception with The Murder Mini-Game for Minecraft!

Calling all Minecraft thrill-seekers!  The Murder Mini-Game injects a dose of heart-pounding suspense into your Minecraft experience.  Gather your friends and prepare for a classic game of deception and cunning.

Unveiling the Mystery:

  • Innocence or Infamy? The game randomly assigns you the role of either a Civilian or a Murderer. As a Civilian, work together to survive the night. As the Murderer, eliminate all Civilians before they discover your identity.

  • Interactive Lobby: The lobby serves as a waiting area before the game begins. The Host, responsible for game settings and map selection, has access to a dedicated control panel. Civilians and the Murderer have separate lobbies, adding to the suspense.

  • Customizable Settings: The Host can adjust various game parameters through a settings menu, allowing for personalized gameplay experiences.

A World of Choices:

  • Map Variety: The Host selects the map where the thrilling chase unfolds. Explore diverse environments and strategize your approach based on the chosen location.

  • Loot and Strategy: Scattered throughout the map are loot chests containing valuable items that can aid Civilians in their survival and the Murderer in their pursuit.

Intuitive Controls:

  • Simple Commands: The Host utilizes straightforward commands to initiate and conclude the game, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

  • Dedicated Book: An in-game book provides detailed instructions and additional information for players.

  • Credits Room: Show your appreciation by visiting the Credits room, showcasing the talented creators behind this exciting mini-game.

Download The Murder Mini-Game Today!

Experience the thrill of the hunt with The Murder Mini-Game for Minecraft!  Embrace the mystery, strategize with your friends, and reign supreme as either a cunning Civilian or a ruthless Murderer.  Download now and delve into a world of suspense!


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