The Mermaid Mod

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The Mermaid Mod
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Thu Mar 07 16:33:06 CST 2024
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Dive Deep with the Mermaid Fin Addon for Minecraft!

Calling all underwater enthusiasts! Transform yourself into a captivating mermaid with the Mermaid Fin Addon for Minecraft!

Unleash Your Inner Mermaid:

  • Equip the Fin: Simply download and install the addon to unlock the coveted Mermaid Fin item.

  • Seamless Transformation: Upon equipping the fin, your legs will morph into a majestic mermaid tail (leg layer activation required).

Important Information:

  • Experimental Features Enabled: Ensure "Cheat Activation" and "Holiday Creator Features" are enabled in your world settings for the addon to function correctly.

Update Highlights (V3.1):

  • Trident Effect Returns: The exciting trident effect is back, although the buff it previously provided has been removed.

  • Updated Item Names: The "mermaid_fin" item has been renamed to "sirens_tears" and the "melanin_repositioner" to "elixir" for clarity.

  • Return of Eternity Breath: The "eternity_breath" functionality is back, allowing you to breathe underwater indefinitely while transformed.

  • Land-Based Transformation Reversal: Your mermaid tail will now revert to human legs when you leave the water, enhancing gameplay immersion.

Additional Features (V3):

  • Model Revamp: The mermaid fin model has been completely remade for improved visuals and animations.

  • New Armor Sets: Discover and equip a variety of beautifully crafted mermaid-themed armor sets in the creative inventory:

    • Lim:m_diadem

    • Lim:m_magic_circle

    • Lim:m_eternity_fin

    • Lim:m_pattern_of_the_ancient_sea

Previous Updates (V2):

  • Textured Transformations: The addon now utilizes textured items for the "transform:mermaid_fin" and "transform:melanin_repositioner" functions.

  • Crafting Recipe Removal: Crafting recipes for the aforementioned functions have been removed for a streamlined experience.

  • Customizable Fin Color: Change the color of your fin using the "transform:melanin_repositioner" item (left or right click).

  • Trident Buff (Removed in V3.1): (Previously) Sneaking while wielding a trident as a mermaid granted a temporary resistance buff and slowness debuff.

Download the Mermaid Fin Addon today and explore the wonders of the Minecraft ocean depths in style!

 The Mermaid Addon  


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