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The Enderneath Mod

date date Thu Sep 28 17:29:54 CST 2023"
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The Enderneath Mod
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Thu Sep 28 17:41:35 CST 2023
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Addon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com

This plug-in brings a new experience to the end dimension of Minecraft. It revolutionizes end generation, adds a whole new biome, and adds countless new monsters, blocks, items, and more!C

Mod introduction


ENDER FROGAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 


ENDERLINGAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 


END SCARABAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

LUMEN BUGAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

THE FEEDERAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

ZELLOIDAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

LEUISTIC ENDERMANAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

SPINSHELLAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 



THE ENDERLAX FORESTAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

This biome will spawn on the lower level of end islands, and is filled with plant life, mobs and more!


BETA BIOMES (This biome does not naturally spawn... yet)

THE LUMEN JUNGLEAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com

THE END WILDSAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 

  • When creating a new world, make sure to turn these experimental settings onAddon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com

  • Make sure to also turn your simulation distance up as high as you can (12 chunks)Addon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com


If you open the world, and for some reason none of the features are showing up in your game, close out of the world, go to the addon pack settings, and change the slider to a different setting level, and re-open the world. This is a bug in the addon pack that we are actively trying to fix

Addon: The Enderneath - modsgamer.com 


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