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Terraria Bedrock Mod

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Terraria Bedrock Mod
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Dive into Terraria with the Terraria Bedrock Add-on for Minecraft!

Do you love the rich world and thrilling adventures of Terraria, but wish you could experience it within the familiar blocky realm of Minecraft? Look no further than the Terraria Bedrock Add-on, your gateway to a fusion of these two beloved games!


  • Extensive Content: Immerse yourself in a massive expansion, bringing hundreds of features from Terraria directly into Minecraft! Craft iconic weapons and tools, battle fearsome enemies and epic bosses, explore unique biomes, and interact with friendly (and not-so-friendly) NPCs.

  • The Complete Terraria Experience: The developer's ambitious goal is to incorporate every single element of Terraria into Minecraft, ensuring an authentic and comprehensive experience.

  • Highlights:

    • Fight legendary bosses: Challenge yourself against the Eye of Cthulu, Brain of Cthulu, King Slime, Skeletron, and many more!

    • Explore diverse biomes: Discover the vibrant Forest, Crimson, Corruption, Jungle, Snow, Desert, and numerous other biomes, each with its own unique atmosphere and challenges.

    • Craft powerful gear: Forge iconic Terraria weapons like the Night's Edge, Blood Butcher, Blade of Grass, and countless others, each with unique properties and upgrades.

    • Interact with NPCs: Befriend the helpful Merchant and Nurse, haggle with the shady Arms Dealer, and face off against the menacing Goblin Army.

    • And much, much more!: From crafting accessories and potions to participating in events like the Blood Moon and Goblin Army, the Terraria Bedrock Add-on offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.

Getting Started:

  • Compatibility: Please note that this add-on is currently not compatible with Minecraft 1.18.0 or above.

  • Easy Installation: Download and install the add-on following the provided instructions.

  • Join the Community: Connect with other players and get support by joining the Discord server mentioned in the add-on description.

Ready to embark on a Terraria adventure within Minecraft? Download the Terraria Bedrock Add-on today and prepare to be amazed!


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