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Terracraft: Angler NPC V2 Mod

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Terracraft: Angler NPC V2 Mod
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Thu Mar 14 18:22:16 CST 2024
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Angler Arrives! Reel in Terraria Fun with this Minecraft Bedrock Add-on

Calling all Minecraft Bedrock players and Terraria fans!  Gear up for a splash of aquatic adventure with the Angler add-on!  This exciting mod brings the beloved Terraria Angler NPC and his unique fishing mechanics to your Minecraft world.

The Angler Awaits:

  • Terraria's Fisherman Arrives: Encounter the Angler, a friendly NPC from Terraria, now roaming the beaches and waterways of your Minecraft world. Trade with him for valuable loot and embark on exciting fishing quests.

Custom Catch:

  • Terraria Quest Fish: Cast your line and experience a revamped fishing system! Reel in a variety of Terraria's iconic fish, each with a slightly higher chance of being caught compared to standard Minecraft fish. Rarity matters – the elusive Golden Fishing Rod is the ultimate prize!

Unveiling Wooden Crates:

  • Mystery in Every Crate: Wooden Crates function similarly to lucky blocks. Break them open to discover a random assortment of loot! Obtain crates through fishing or trading with the Angler.

Trading Delights:

  • Barter with the Angler: The Angler offers a unique trading experience. Exchange your hard-earned quest fish for a variety of valuable items, including fishing rods, powerful weapons, and even rare resources. Level up your trading relationship with the Angler for even more options!

Fish Tools and Consumables:

  • Swordfish: Unleash the power of the swordfish – a powerful, unbreakable weapon with the strength of a diamond sword.

  • Rockfish: Swing the mighty rockfish, a devastating melee weapon that sacrifices attack speed for raw power (deals 11 damage but inflicts Slowness II for a short duration).

  • Sawtooth Shark: Channel your inner lumberjack with the sawtooth shark! This tool functions like a chainsaw, granting temporary Haste for rapid woodcutting.

  • Frost Daggerfish: Hurl these throwable weapons for ranged combat. The Angler utilizes these spinning daggers as well, dealing 7 damage per hit.

  • Bomb Fish: Strategically lob sticky bombs with the bomb fish. These explosive fish detonate after a few seconds, adhering to any surface for tactical blasting.

  • Honeyfin: When healing potions are scarce, the honeyfin comes to the rescue! Consume this fish for a quick health boost.

Important Information:

  • Compatibility Note: This add-on may have compatibility issues with certain weapon add-ons due to a custom player entity file.

  • The Friendly Angler: Rest assured, the Angler is a peaceful NPC who will defend himself against monsters but never attack you, even if provoked.

  • Golden Dreams: While the Golden Fishing Rod boasts immense value, it's currently non-functional. The Angler won't part with his prized possession, so don't get any ideas!

  • Crate Creation: These unique crates function as custom entities, not traditional blocks, ensuring compatibility with the 1.16 update.

  • Tool Effects: Fish tool effects are temporary. Re-equip the tool or drink milk to refresh the active effect.

Download the Angler add-on today and transform your Minecraft Bedrock experience into a thrilling Terraria-inspired fishing adventure!


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