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Teleporting Rings - Teleport Home Mod

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Teleporting Rings - Teleport Home Mod
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Thu Mar 21 17:43:05 CST 2024
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Warp Around Your World in Style with Teleporting Rings!

Calling all Minecraft explorers! Tired of hoofing it across vast landscapes?  Introducing Teleporting Rings, a game-changing Minecraft Bedrock addon that lets you zip around your world in a flash!

Effortless Teleportation:

  • Colorful Convenience: Craft a variety of colored Home Plates and equip their corresponding Teleporting Rings for instant travel. Share plates and rings with friends to create a network of interconnected bases, perfect for collaborative adventures!

  • Customizable Comfort: The standard "Home Plate" is just the beginning! Combine it with magic colored rings to create custom-hued teleport destinations, adding a touch of personality to your travel network.

  • Crafting Creativity: Construct Home Plates using a simple recipe of Eyes of Ender, Diamonds, Obsidian Blocks, and Smooth Stone Slabs. Craft Teleporting Rings by combining Blaze Powder, Gold Nuggets, and Ender Pearls.

Exploring Color Options:

  • Rainbow of Choices: Expand your travel network beyond the basic "Home Plate"! Craft additional colored plates like Blue Plate, Red Plate, Yellow Plate, and Orange Plate, each with a corresponding Teleporting Ring.

  • Shifting Shades: Want to repurpose a ring? Smelt it in a Blast Furnace to change its color, assigning it to a new Home Plate for ultimate flexibility in your travel network.

A World of Possibilities:

  • Single-Use Rings, Endless Fun: While each Teleporting Ring can only be used once, you can craft as many as you need! This system encourages exploration and strategic placement of Home Plates throughout your world.

  • Multiplayer Marvel: The Teleporting Rings addon truly shines in multiplayer worlds. Share plates and rings with friends, creating a web of interconnected bases for seamless collaboration and exciting adventures.

Download the Teleporting Rings addon today and transform your Minecraft world into a network of convenient and colorful travel hubs!


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