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Tameable Axolotls Mod

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Tameable Axolotls Mod
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Sun Feb 18 16:55:33 CST 2024
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Unleash the Power of Axolotls: Tame, Mutate, and Explore with This Minecraft Addon!

Calling all axolotl fans! Enhance your Minecraft experience with Axolotl Adventures, an exciting addon that lets you tame, mutate, and explore with these adorable creatures.

Beyond Breeding:

  • Tame your heart out: No longer limited to breeding, offer fish to befriended axolotls and gain their loyal companionship.

  • Unleash mutant power: Craft Cured Mutant Fish to transform your axolotl into a supercharged protector, granting strength, night vision, and enhanced health.

  • Sit, stay, follow: Control your axolotl's behavior with intuitive commands, ensuring they're by your side when needed.

Immerse Yourself in Diversity:

  • 5 enchanting variants: Discover Nature Lover (dark green), Shy Buddy (magenta), Salamander (marron), Cave Explorer (grey), and Silky (light pink), each with unique charm.

  • Explore with ease: Enjoy infinite water breathing courtesy of your pet axolotl, venturing deeper into aquatic depths.

  • Fight alongside your friend: Unleash your mutant axolotl's combat prowess, watching them defend you during dangerous encounters.

Clear and Concise Details:

  • Compatibility: Minecraft 1.17 and later.

  • Taming: Offer fish (cod/salmon) to wild axolotls.

  • Mutating: Use Cured Mutant Fish (crafted from Contaminated Fish and Potion of Weakness) on tamed axolotls.

  • Bonus: Five new axolotl variants add personality and vibrancy to your world.

Why You'll Love This Addon:

  • Deepen your connection with axolotls: Go beyond breeding and build meaningful bonds.

  • Unlock powerful mutations: Experience the thrill of enhanced axolotl abilities.

  • Explore with freedom: Breathe underwater endlessly with your loyal companion.

  • Embrace diversity: Add unique axolotl variants to your world for a personalized touch.

Download Axolotl Adventures today and:

  • Forge unforgettable bonds with these friendly creatures.

  • Unlock their hidden potential through mutation.

  • Embark on exciting underwater adventures!


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