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Survive Komodo Island Map

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Survive Komodo Island Map
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Immerse Yourself in a Zombified Tropical Paradise with Zombie Apocalypse City

Calling all zombie apocalypse enthusiasts! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Zombie Apocalypse City, a once-thriving tropical island metropolis transformed into a haunting haven for flesh-eating monsters.

Explore a Vast and Varied Urban Landscape

Embark on a thrilling exploration of this desolate metropolis, where the vibrant cityscape has succumbed to the undead hordes. Navigate through iconic landmarks, including:

  • Volcano Observatory: Peer into the depths of a dormant volcano, now eerily silent under the zombie reign.

  • Communication Antenna Tower: Ascend the crumbling tower, once a beacon of connectivity, now a haunting reminder of a lost era.

  • Container Port and Container Ship: Discover the remnants of global trade, with rusting containers and a derelict cargo ship serving as a testament to the city's former grandeur.

  • Oil Refinery and Tanker: Venture into the industrial heart of the city, where oil machinery stands idle, awaiting the return of human ingenuity.

  • International Airport: Wander through the deserted terminals of a once-bustling hub of global travel, now echoing with the eerie silence of the undead.

Uncover Hidden Gems Amidst the Ruins

Delve deeper into the city's infrastructure and uncover hidden gems amidst the chaos:

  • Cargo Warehouse: Uncover valuable resources and supplies within the vast cargo warehouse.

  • Small Cement Plant: Investigate the remnants of construction, where cement structures stand as silent sentinels of a forgotten era.

  • Construction Site: Explore the abandoned construction site, where cranes stand frozen in time, their unfinished tasks a stark reminder of the city's abrupt decline.

  • Bus Depot: Navigate through the deserted bus depot, where once-familiar vehicles now serve as eerie playgrounds for the undead.

Encounter a Spectrum of Urban Structures

Immerse yourself in the diverse architectural tapestry of the city:

  • Gas Stations: Discover abandoned fuel stations, where the stench of gasoline lingers in the air.

  • Police Station and Fire Station: Encounter the remnants of law enforcement and emergency services, now overrun by the undead.

  • Hospital: Explore the eerie halls of a once-healing haven, now a haunting reminder of the city's lost medical care.

  • Beach Hotels: Discover the remnants of luxury accommodations, where once-pampered guests have vanished, leaving behind the echoes of laughter and leisure.

  • Lighthouse: Ascend the solitary lighthouse, its beacon casting an ominous glow over the desolate city.

Uncover the City's Everyday Life Frozen in Time

Experience the city's everyday life, now frozen in time:

  • Beach and Yacht: Stroll along the deserted beach, where a once-majestic yacht now lies stranded, its sails tattered and its decks eerily vacant.

  • Elementary School: Explore the abandoned classrooms, where children's desks and toys stand as haunting reminders of a lost generation.

  • Church: Seek solace in the abandoned church, where pews stand empty and stained glass windows cast distorted shadows on the walls.

  • Town Hall and Town Square: Witness the heart of city government, now devoid of life, its walls echoing with the whispers of past debates and decisions.

Delve into Suburban and Residential Enclaves

Discover the city's residential and suburban neighborhoods:

  • Residential Areas and Townhouse Quarters: Navigate through the deserted streets of once-thriving neighborhoods, where homes stand silent and empty.

  • Office Buildings and Bank: Explore the abandoned office towers and banks, where once-bustling financial activities have ceased.

  • Low-end Residential Area in the Industrial District: Discover the stark contrast between the city's bustling industrial district and its less affluent neighborhoods.

  • Sewer with Sewer Treatment Plant: Venture into the city's subterranean network, where the stench of sewage mingles with the eerie silence.

  • Parking Garages: Discover abandoned parking garages, where once-parked vehicles now serve as eerie obstacles.

  • Grade 6-12 High School with Various Sport Fields: Explore the deserted high school, where classrooms, lockers, and sports fields stand as haunting reminders of youthful dreams and aspirations.

Uncover Leisure and Entertainment Venues

Unearth the city's once-vibrant leisure and entertainment scene:

  • Zoo: Explore the abandoned zoo, where animal enclosures stand empty, their former inhabitants replaced by the undead.

  • Large Residential Area with Unique Suburb-style Houses: Discover a sprawling residential area with over 20 unique suburb-style houses, each offering a glimpse into the lives of the city's former residents.

  • Car Ferry Terminal and Car Ferry: Explore the remnants of the city's transportation infrastructure, where a car ferry awaits its next voyage, now destined for nowhere.

  • Another Lighthouse: Discover a second lighthouse, its beacon casting an ominous glow over a different

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

Map: Survive Komodo Island - modsgamer.com

All buildings are furnished and contain loots.

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