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StoneTombs Mod
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Addon: StoneTombs -

Minecraft StoneTombs mod: stores items, shows cause of death, teleports back to grave

This Minecraft Graves add-on provides players with a new death experience. When a player dies, their items will be stored in a tomb. The cause of the player's death will be displayed on the tomb, and the player can use a key to teleport back to the tomb.

This addon has the following functions:

Storing Items: When a player dies, their items will be stored in the tomb. Players can use a key to access the tomb and retrieve their items.

Show cause of death: The player's cause of death will be displayed on the grave. This can help players understand why they died and improve their gameplay.

Teleport back to the tomb: Players can use a key to teleport back to the tomb. This allows players to quickly retrieve their items.

This addon is a must-have for all Minecraft players. It provides players with a new death experience and allows them to manage their items more efficiently.

Mod details


As I had previously explained, the tomb has the function after death, it will take care of collecting all your items at the time of death.

Addon: StoneTombs - 

It will also give you a key that in case this enchanted will allow you to teleport to your grave, another interesting thing is that it will say the coordinates of death.


What is a subpacks? It is a configuration within the same addon that allows you to have different functions for each section of the subpack. This addon in question has 2 sub-packs, 1 is for a random enchanted key and the other is for always the enchanted key.

Addon: StoneTombs -

Addon: StoneTombs -


Upon death, a tombstone with the player's name and tombstone will appear, and the player will be given a key. Depending on the configuration you choose in the subpack, the key will be enchanted (or not). If you choose the "Enchanted Key" configuration, you can use this key to teleport. If you choose the "Random Enchantment Key" configuration, you can only remove this key to open the tombstone. 

Addon: StoneTombs - 

If you die in lava do not worry that is not a problem since the tomb will generate cobblestone underneath it to prevent your objects from burning

Addon: StoneTombs - 


to be able to make your self tp to the grave you must have the key in hand and hold down the screen if you are on a cell phone and right click if you are on a pc, it should be clarified that this addon is divided into 2 configurations through subpack one where you receive the enchanted key all the time and another where you will only have 10% to remove the enchanted key, in case it is not clear, the enchanted key is the one that allows you to do tp to the grave

Addon: StoneTombs - 


Custom Command

The add-on includes a custom command that allows players to enchant their normal keys and find their graves more easily without having to walk so far.

To execute the command, players must have a normal key and a pearl of ender in their inventory. Once they have met these requirements, they can run the following command in the chat:

&key enchanted

This will enchant the normal key in their inventory with the ender pearl, allowing them to use it to teleport to their grave.

Addon: StoneTombs - 


If you are wondering if this addon works in multiplayer, the answer is yes, however I can only confirm its good operation in reamls since it works on servers such as atheros, but sometimes it does not, so it varies a lot.

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game featur

For a better gaming experience it is highly recommended that you activate all these experimental games.

Addon: StoneTombs - 

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